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Hayward leads Jazz past Knicks 106-85

jazzplayerGordon Hayward scored 24 points on 9-14 shooting to help the Jazz blow out the Knicks. Fvors also added to the blow out win in a major way scoring 20 points in 26 minutes of action. We wondered how the Jazz would respond after a tough loss the night before against the Kings. And we got our answer. By returning the favor to the Knicks.

It’s one of the toughest parts of the NBA, having games like that back-to-back,” Hayward said. “It’s a mental thing more than anything and making sure you’re focused and moving on to the next game. We talked about it as a team before tonight, coming out with energy and playing with force.We did that and were able to respond really well.”

The Knicks struggled all night to knockdown baskets. Carmelo Anthony shot just 3 for 11 and only had 12 points. Porzingis also shot poorly going 2-8 in 13 minutes of action.

Fisher said. “This is three nights in a row for that group, and we will have to consider if that can stay the same at the moment.” Fisher is considering changing the Knicks starting lineup after losing 3 game straight as the team has struggled to generate consistent offense.

The 10-13 Knicks will try to get a win against the Kings tonight. For the Jazz they will return to action Friday to play the third place Thunder.


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