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A Tale of 2 Ohio Cities

NFL: Vikings v BengalsThis season, for the 2 NFL teams from Ohio has been a tale of 2 sides. For the Cincinnati Bengals, who have lost only 2 games this season, it has been good. But for the Cleveland Browns, who have won only 2 games this season, not so much. Their week 13 matchup was no different.

By the end of the game, one team was setting (or nearing) records & the other was wondering when they would get their next “W” in the record books. Let’s take a look at the 2 sides in detail.

Cincinnati Bengals                                                                            Cleveland Browns

Dalton 3rd place on list of most TDs in first                              3rd QB of the season

5 seasons of a career

10-2                                                                                                    2-10

1st place in AFC North                                                                    4th (last) place in AFC North

2 TDs to 2 different wide receivers                                             2 wide receiver injuries sustained

Fighting to keep 1st place in AFC                                                 Looking at options at #1 overall draft pickJohnny-Manziel3

If you were to look at the game’s stats, you might be surprised by the game’s final score. All the stats suggest a game that came down to the end besides 1 category.

Cincinnati Bengals                            Cleveland Browns

1st Downs:                           20                                                           18

Possession:                        30:58                                                     29:02

Total Yards                          377                                                         273

Turnovers                           0                                                              2

Points                                   37                                                           3


Week 14 is coming up as the Bengals face their AFC North rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers. A win results in a locked up AFC North title. They can get a playoff berth even if they lose with a loss from the New York Jets AND a loss from the Kansas City Chiefs. The Cleveland Browns are looking to start their troubled QB, Johnny Manziel in relief of injured McCown & Davis.

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