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3 Impacts from Impact (December 9, 2015)

Last night’s Impact Wrestling centered around the quarterfinals (Round of 8) of the World Title Series. Let’s take a look the three things that stood out from this week’s edition of Impact Wrestling.

  1. To me, the predictability regarding who would be booked to make it to the Final Four stood out to me. The quarterfinal matches were Lashley vs Mahabali Shera, Eric Young vs Tigre Uno, Matt Hardy vs Jesse Godderz, and EC3 vs Davey Richards. So it was easy to figure out what the planned Final Four would be, but even so all four matches were spectacular. Speaking of which:EC3
  2. The best of those four matches was Ethan Carter III vs Davey Richards. While watching Davey, part of me couldn’t help but think about the possibility of TNA giving singles pushes to Davey and/or Eddie Edwards, which could happen in 2016. EC3, however, is the bigger story. EC3 is the latest example of WWE’s loss being TNA’s biggest gain. We all remember him as Derrick Bateman on WWE’s NXT program, where he was paired with Maxine and later Kaitlyn, but didn’t get any elevation. Bateman was released from WWE in 2012, and in 2013, he debuted in TNA as Ethan Carter III, the nephew of the then-villainous Dixie Carter, and he, like many ex-WWE stars before him, got pushed to the moon, and well deserved. Though the outcome was predictable, the match that EC3 and Davey put together was just spectacular. Big things already came for EC3 and will continue to come, but I would think that big things would come to Davey Richards as well.
  3. Another thing that stood out was the announcement that the semifinals and finals of the tournament will happen on Impact’s first episode on Pop TV, a live episode that will air on Tuesday, January 5. Originally, TNA was set to go on a tour of India and have the Final Four of the tournament take place there, but they ended up having to cancel the tour. The Final Four taking place on January 5 is the perfect way to promote Impact Wrestling on its new network; its second new network in as many years. Hopefully, this will be the thing that makes Pop TV a permanent home for Impact Wrestling.

But the Final Four are weeks away. Next week’s Impact will take an in depth look at the four remaining combatants, as well as featuring the other WTS groups in action. Until next week!

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