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NXT 12-09-15

NXT would start off very strong from two guys that aren’t S-A-W-F-T. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady take on Corey Hollis and John Skyler. Or what I like to call NXT jobbers, no offense to the wrestlers. A very angry Big Cass showed a serious side on Hollis by choking him and throwing him half way across the ring. Big Cass would make the tag and also would Hollis. Both Enzo and Skyler would go off the rope and Enzo would drop Skyler with a huge shoulder tackle. Enzo and Big Cass have a tag team title match on at NXT Takeover London; lets just say they treated Skyler and Hollis as if they were Dash and Dawson. Big Cass would hit Hollis with a big boot which left Skyler in the ring to set up Air Enzo well from Enzo of course. Enzo would let it be known that they are coming for those titles in a promo.

Winners: Enzo and Big Cass  

The female Brock Lensar aka Asuka would make her way to the ring. Her opponent Deonna Purrazoo; at this point you know what is coming. Fellow NXT Deonna Purrazoo would make her way to the ring to get demolished by Asuka. That’s no spoiler, we all know what happens when someone hops in the ring with Asuka. Asuka gonna kill you chants would come in as the bell rang, and Asuka did exactly that by roughing Purrazoo up and late trying to put her in a arm bar. Purrazoo would get to the bottom rope and release the hold, but the rope couldn’t save her from the kicks of Asuka. Purrazoo would get a clean shot to Asuka face and sling her off the ropes but Asuka would use her butt to attack Purrazoo. During the match Emma would come to the ramp and try to distract Asuka but to no avail as Asuka would round house Purrazoo face off. In the words of street fighter K.O.
Asuka would win by Knockout.

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Winner: Asuka by way of a vicious K.O

Don’t get Hyped Stay HYPED
Zack Ryder Mojo Rawley, The Hype Bros. They would take on the Freddy Krugers… I mean Blake and Murphy. Not my fault they decided to wear those outfits. Alexa she looked beautiful in it but Blake, I’ve never seen Freddy Kruger wear a cut off shirt.
Mojo would start off against Freddy Kruger member Blake. Blake would try to catch Mojo off guard with a tag to bring in Murphy but Mojo would just shoulder tackle both. In the words of Mojo “They ain’t hyped”.
Zack Ryder would come in hyped as ever and try for the Broski Boot on Murphy but Blake would charge at Ryder until he got knocked down by a clothesline from Ryder. He would get Blake set up in the corner for the Broski Boot and hit but with his back turned Freddy Kruger, I mean Murphy attacked. Murphy would isolate Ryder in the corner to keep him from the tag. Frequent tags and rest hold would wear down Ryder. Murphy and Blake would try to smash Ryder in the corner but he would use his feet to the advantage and push the two into each other. In comes Mojo Rawley and boy was he hyped. Mojo would use what I like to call a hyperactive slap to the face; he would go for the pin but Murphy would stop the count. Ryder would try to send out Murphy but he rolled back in the ring as Ryder got caught up with the referee. Freddy Kruger would use his claws to the eyes of Mojo and Murphy would super kick Mojo in the face. 1…2 Ryder would break it up and send Murphy outside, Blake would clothesline Ryder out the ring which left Mojo to grab Blake. Somehow Ryder would get up and make the tag which would then set up The Hype Ryder. 1…2…3

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Winners: The Hype Bros

The NXT Women Champion would make her way to the ring. She would take on… Oh god this has to be a record four jobbers in one night. Once again no offense to the wrestlers but we haven’t seen a jobber really pull off a upset since The 1-2-3 Kid beat Razor Ramon back in the day. But Bayley’s opponent would be Peyton Royce. Now remember Bayley has a match next Wednesday against Nia Jax at NXT Takeover London for the NXT Women Championship. The match would start and Royce would actually get a arm drag on Bayley. After that Bayley just went to town on Royce, running elbow in the corner but surprisingly Bayley would lose focus and Royce would knee Bayley in the face. Bayley would actually become the one on the defensive. Keeping to our theme of round house kicks Royce would land one on Bayley for only a two count. Bayley tried to turn up the offense after a second rope spinning elbow followed by a bulldog. Royce gets up and uses her chin to Bayley’s head but Bayley shook it off and hit THE BAYLEY TO BELLY.

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Winner: It’s Bayley …

Nia Jax and Eva Marie would be at top of the ramp to the loud boos of the crowd. Nia Jax would issue a treat to Bayley and tell her enjoy her time as champ.

Teddy Long would be so proud, not only three tag team matches on NXT but a tag team match for the main event. Apollo Crews, Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe.
Joe and Balor looked as if they were gonna start off but Joe tagged in Corbin before they could lock up.
Balor would viciously drop kick Corbin and tag in Crews. Seeing that Crews was in the match Corbin tagged in Joe. Crews would drop kick Joe viciously too in which Joe fled to his corner. Coming back from break Crews would get pounded in and grounded by Corbin. In comes Joe as he would continue to ground Crews and keep him away from Balor. They would continue this trend for a good five minutes until Crews got the tag and also Corbin would tag in Samoa Joe. Balor would take all his frustration on Joe even kicking him right in the face while he was seated. Balor would swing Joe into the corner chopping him followed by punches on the second rope. A smart Joe would turn him around and set him on the top turnbuckle and try for the Muscle Buster but Balor would reverse into a package pin. 1…2 Corbin would break it up but Crews would go after him and take it outside the ring. Inside the ring Samoa Joe and Finn Balor, if I haven’t said it these two face off for the NXT Championship next Wednesday in London. After a running drop kick to the corner Balor would go up top for the Coup De Grace but Corbin would push him off into a rear naked choke by Joe. Balor would pass out.

Winners: Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin but don’t forget NXT Takeover London next week.

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