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WWE Breaking Ground Episode 6: Road Trip

So we began where the last episode finished with Cal Bishop being told he was being let go. Cal was visibly shocked and Ceman had to tell him due to injuries he wasn’t “tough enough”(that’s what he actually said!).”People at the bottom have to go” said the biggest heel on BG Canyon Ceman. Cal said he would overcome it and it’s sad to see him leave.

Nia Jax took Cal’s leaving badly she said they were all a family. Baron Corbin disagreed he’s not that bothered about people going out or coming in.

LovepreetSpeaking of people coming in we were introduced to NXT’s newest rookie Lovepreet Singh. He was found by WWE in a world-wide talent search. From India he is a former World Kabbadi League Champion but that wouldn’t help him in promo class. To be fair adjusting to a culture and language barrier will be tough for him and he looked nervous watching on. When it was his time he did well saying that NXT was his and Sami Zayn praised him.

Live events in Louisville and Nashville were up next in a three-day tour. WWE Superstars work 50 weeks a year. So this was a first step for some of the NXT stars. Carmella seems to be in a great situation. Living and working with her boyfriend Big Cass they were going on this trip with her best friend Bayley.

They have an eighteen hour day in front of them ending in a live show. After shoe shopping they arrived at the Louder than Live music festival to perform. We get confirmation that Bayley is the total package. One of the best in ring talents in NXT if not the best we see her signing autographs. The way she carries herself as we are told by Carmella is someone she can look up to and gives her advice. Baymella as they are called are seen just being best buddies which is actually quite nice to see.

Matt Bloom told Bayley before the show started she was going to produce a match. Which meant helping Eva Marie and Lexi come up with the moves they were going to use. Bayley watched backstage nervously but the match went well and there is so much she can offer.Baron-Corbin1

Baron Corbin was focused on next and as we know he his desperate to be on the main roster.Bloom thinks and rightly so that Baron needs to work on his promos and he’s not the complete package yet. Corbin explains that in football he was told not to show emotion and in the WWE it’s the complete opposite.It’s true I like Corbin but he does need to work on his personality more.

Next up was a trip to a haunted house well Waverly mental Hospital. They walked around a bit and Jordan felt a breeze on his neck (not that one). That was as scary as it got.

The last event was Nashville and a big night for Jordan and Gable who were up against Big Cass and Enzo Amore. Both teams were looking to kill it. Kill it they did and they tore the house down. Carmella had a match versus Eva Marie and everything seemed fine until Marie kicked Carmella full force in the head.The match was called off and the episode ended with the doctors surrounding Carmella. This didn’t look good and we wouldn’t find out what happened till next week.


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