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Women of Sports: Savannah Reier

Over the weekend I interviewed Northridge High School’s kicker, senior Savannah Reier. Northridge High School recently finished up their season making it to the second round of the Alabama High School Football Playoffs. Savannah, a five sport varsity letter winner, is breaking the mold for female athletes. Reier is a place kicker for her varsity football team in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

She isn’t your typical kicker either. Reier rocks jersey number 99 with a long braid and her signature bow tied at the end. Reier has a very impressive list of awards she has collected over the course of her high school career. In 2013, she was awarded Special Teams Player of the year for Hilton Head Island High School (her high school prior to Northridge).


During her first three years of kicking in high school, she scored 122 career points. Another impressive award was making the All-Saban Team at the University of Alabama Kicking camp.

I asked her the following questions:
Q: How long have you been kicking/playing for?
A: 3 seasons.

Q: What do your kicking duties entail?
A: Kickoff, extra points, and field goals.

Q: What’s your range?
A: 45 yards and in.

Q: How did you get started with football?
A: My father and grandfather both kicked in high school. I have also played soccer for several years, which made kicking a little easier for me than others.ReiererSavannah

Q: Do you play any other sports?
A: I’ve lettered in 5 Varsity sports (football, basketball, soccer, softball, and lacrosse.) I currently play basketball and soccer along with being on the bowling team at school.

Q: Did that/those sports help you get to where you are at today?
A: I think football has been a major impact on the success I have in other sports because I saw a different level of passion and intensity, which I have tried to transfer over into other girls sports.

Q: What is your locker room situation like?
A: I change in the girls track locker room or the athletic trainers bathroom for home games. At away games, I usually change in the bathrooms they have at the stadium.

Q: Have you ever had to deal with anything a male football player has never had to deal with?
A: I think that girls tend to be more emotional than guys, which they can’t always help. Learning to control those emotions around guys has really benefited me. It has given me more control over myself and how I react to a situation.

Q: What do you tell girls who ask you for advice when it comes to playing football?
A: If a girl asks me if they should play football, I almost always say they should do it because it has been a life-changing experience for me, but it is not for everyone. It takes a certain level of mental (and physical) toughness to play the sport, and it also takes a certain personality I believe because every female football player I’ve met has had close to the same competitiveness and personality as me.

Q: Who is your role model?
A: My role model is my father because he has had a lot of adversity in his life and he always finds a way to push through the tough times and continue to be happy. That is truly how I want to be when I grow up.SavannahReierFootball

Q: Describe a typical practice?
A: A typical practice is kicking about 35-45 balls a day. I usually have a rest day the day before team walk through. On the rest day, I just stretch and rehab because kicking definitely takes a toll on your body.

Q: How do you train in the off-season?
A: I don’t really have an off-season for any sport, but I usually try and kick once or twice every week. In the summer, I usually work out and condition with my team and then kick afterwards.

Q: What is your favorite football moment so far?
A: My favorite football moment was probably beating my school’s rival this year. It was my first home game at a new school and I went 3/3 on extra points and had a 28 yard field goal in front of the student section.

Q: Do you have a pregame ritual?
A: I usually just try not to get to tense or uptight because I play better when I’m loose and comfortable. Some think I’m goofy, but I really believe it helps me perform better.

Q: Any superstitions?
A: I actually have one superstition that started my first game. I wear a bow at the end of my braid, but it’s not a must-do thing, but I haven’t played a game without some sort of ribbon or bow at the end of my ponytail braid.34d535cf-8729-4925-b4d9-4ec3b4cf2fb1

Q: What is playing on your headphones?
A: I listen to mostly everything from Drake to Jack Johnson to Sublime. I like all types of music, except country.

Q: Who gets the most credit for where you are today in life?
A: I would say my parents because they have loved, supported, and pushed me to be where I am today, and I’m so thankful for them.

Q: What are your favorite highlights of the season?
A: Beating our rival and just meeting and hanging out with 80 brothers that will be life-long friends.

Q: What is your outlook for next season?
A: I’m not exactly sure whether I will play college football, basketball, or soccer, but I plan to be a student-athlete at the next level.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote?
A: “Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you is the little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked backed…play for her.” – Mia Hamm
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  1. Jon

    December 10, 2015 at 12:08 am

    Great article about an amazing young athlete and person. A joy to watch her compete. Thanks for writing!

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