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5 Things We Learned From Raw

5 Things We Learned For RAW 
1.) Raw vs. NXT

Over the weekend the WWE sent out a survey asking some viewers how do they feel about Monday Night Raw and how do they compare it to NXT.
I went through and read some people’s survey and the way it’s looking, the WWE has a lot to fix because people love NXT more than Raw. They would try something different tonight.

2.) Fatal Four by Four way.

We would kick off Raw with the League of Nations. And after that we would end up with the League of Nations vs. Roman Reigns, The Usos, and Dean Ambrose vs. The Wyatt Family vs. The Dudleyz Boyz, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno. Yes Rhyno. Let’s just say I’m not going out my way to get all hype for Rhyno. I once had to work a wrestling event that involved watching over for Bret Hart and Lita. Rhyno was also there, and let’s just say I’m not a fan anymore. Anyways, Sheamus would get spear by Roman Reigns and his team would pick up the win. In my view the WWE didn’t listen to the surveys.
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3.) BAD DAY/ Weird Day

The internet finally gets their wish as The New Day ran to the ring after Sasha and Namoi won their match. They would put the unicorn horns up and twerk the rest of the segment. Cause who doesn’t loveeeeeeeeeeeee Sasha Banks.
Also another combination brewing between Stardust and Titus O’Neil. O’Neil enter the 5th dimension and bugged Stardust. O’Neil says he wants to bring back Cody Rhodes. And for the last weird combo, The Miz would talk to Neville again about helping him become then next Daniel Bryan. The Miz would bring in Donnie from the hit show on USA, Donnie. The Miz was trying to turn Neville into some view able.

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4.) Monday Night Soap Opera

The ending of Raw would be a war of words between Reigns and Sheamus. The highlight of this was how many times Reigns called Sheamus a tater tot. Yay I’m so hyped for TLC on Sunday. That was sarcasm. Of course it was a fight and WWE has to make Roman Reigns look strong.
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5.) Monday Night Repeat

Ok so your gonna have 16 of your biggest stars open up in a match what does that leave you. Superstars wrestling multiply matches.
Rusev- 2 matches
Tommy Dreamer- 2 matches
Roman Reigns & Sheamus- 1 match and a fight to end the show.
Once again Raw was hard to watch.
Beside Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose at happening at TLC, I’m not really sold on anything else. And why is that not no DQ, these are the two most viscous men in WWE but yet they have to wrestle a normal match.

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Side Notes

Paige is good
Charlotte is bad
Del Rio and Zeb are done
The Lucha Dragons beat the Tag champs
It was Dean Ambrose birthday

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