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10 Things We Learned From NFL Week 13


1. History Was Made

History was made in the Panthers vs Saints game when the Saints blocked Gano’s PAT attempt and ran it back for a score. This was the first time that this has happened. It was an exciting two points for the Saints, but they could have used three more since they ended up falling the Panthers 41-38.


2. Quarterbacks Scrambling All Over 

There were a bunch of big quarterback scrambles this week that assisted in them leading their team’s to victory. Winston ran for 20 yards on a third-and-19 late in the game. Fitzpatrick kept the drive alive on a fourth-and-six when he ran for 15 yards. Even Gabbert got in on the action when he ran for a 44-yard fourth-quarter touchdown against the Bears. The longest quarterback scramble of the week went goes to Mariota when he sprinted 87 yards for the touchdown against the Jaguars! This was the third-longest run by a quarterback since 1960. Who has the longest? It was actually Terelle Pryor who had a 93-yard run for the Raiders in 2013.


3. Kicker Woes

 One of the most noticeable rule changes this year was moving the PAT back to make it slightly more difficult, and it definitely worked this week since the kickers struggled. There were eight PAT misses this week, which is more than we had all of last season. There have been a lot of dumb rules added to the NFL in recent years, but this one actually seems to make games a little more interesting.


4. Guess Who’s Back?

 Hey everyone! Guess who’s back? Johnny Manziel is back in the starting lineup for the Browns…again! No, I am not surprised. No, I do not think this will help. No, I do not care.


5. Wilson Is Heating Up

After passing for 11 touchdowns in his first nine games of the season, Russell Wilson has passed for 11 more in the past three games. It seems like the perfect time for him to get hot as the Seahawks fight to keep their playoff position.
6. Jaguars And Titans Put On A Show

Nobody was excited to watch this game, but this was the game to watch during the final quarter. The Jaguars and Titans put up a combined 41 points in the fourth quarter alone, which made it the highest scoring quarter of the season. The Titans went on to win their first home game of the season 42-39.


7. Fitzgerald In The Record Books

Larry Fitzgerald became the youngest receiver to reach 1,000 career receptions this week. To go along with that amazing record, Fitzgerald has had a very good season catching passes from Carson Palmer. He now has 91 catches for 1,047 yards and seven touchdowns on 122 targets. His 91 catches is good for third-most in the league, and the targets are enough for fifth-most. Jason Witten was also able to meet the 1,000 reception mark on Monday night.


Don’t just read football on cleatgeeks, listen to it as well as our very own Michael Ballentine gives you the LIVE play-by-play of the Thursday Night game between the Vikings and the Cardinals here!


8. Lions Are Great At Losing

Who’s better at losing: the Browns or the Lions? After leading the whole game, the Lions gave up a Hail Mary pass from Rodgers-to-Rodgers to win the game for the Packers. Don’t feel too bad Detroit, Green Bay has lost on last-second plays in recent memory too.


9. Week Of The D/ST 

If you’re a fantasy football player, you probably played against or a had a really good D/ST in your own lineup this week. There were ten different defenses that scored in the double digits this week. The biggest reason for this was the fact that there were 12 total defensive or special teams touchdowns this week, which is crazy.


10. Not Riding Off Into The Sunset Yet!


After nailing a 54-yard field goal at the end, the Cowboys got their first win this season without Romo starting at quarterback. Even though this was only their fourth win, they are only one game from being the leader of their division since the other three NFC East teams are 5-7. Never say never Cowboy fans!

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