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Utah Jazz: Looks Can Be Deceiving.


Rudy Gobert PickThe Utah Jazz. May not be one of the top teams in Scoring, Rebounds, or even Assists; but sometimes you have to see things for more than just what the stat sheet says every night.

Would you believe me If I said I never would have guessed this team would be fighting for the 7th seed in the West right now? If you read my power rankings at the beginning of the season, I stated this team was nowhere near playoff ready. As of now, this team is 3rd in the league in Opponents Points Per Game (95 to be exact), and part of that has a lot to do with the help of “The Stifle Tower” Rudy Gobert averaging 2.6 Blocks Per Game. They also are 6th in the league in steals averaging almost 9 per game, and you have the hardworking big Derrick Favors to thank for his contributing 2 per game. Their potentially budding PG Dante Exum is out this year because of a torn ACL, but this team is scrappy, and holding their weight all with a 9-9 to start. It shouldn’t go without mentioning, that this ball club was 4 points away from beating the the reigning champs and currently undefeated Golden State Warriors last week.jazzDerrickFavors

Quin Snyder has this team looking like the Thunder many years ago if you ask me. Youth, athleticism, talent with growing potential, and defense. It will be even scarier when he is able to get this team to fire on all cylinders and share the ball, score more, as well as crash the boards. Don’t sleep on the boys in Salt Lake City. That 9-9 Could be 40 wins if they keep up the hard work. They have an important game against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday in hopes of breaking .500 on their overall record.

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