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Quillin vs. Jacobs A Friendly Fight?

Daniel Jacobs (31-1) 28 KO’s became a star and the King of Brooklyn.Daniel Jacobs vs Peter Quillin

He landed 61 percent of his power punches as he seemingly landed at will against Quillin. Jacobs landed a thunderous over the top right hand to stun Quillin, then continued his pounding of Quillin with power punches. Eventually the referee Harvey Dock stepped in and stopped the fight giving Daniel Jacobs the win at the 85 second mark. Many people were stunned by the outcome because Quillin was the favorite and coming into the fight people thought the 32 year-old Cuban boxer had a better chin.

“I told him I love him,” Jacobs said. “He’s a brother of mine. Me and Peter Quillin go back to the Golden Gloves days. I have nothing but respect for him, his family — but I knew it would be my night.”Said Quillin, “There’s no one better to lose to than Danny Jacobs.” Both Jacobs and Quillin walked away with the same pursue of 1.5 million dollars. Right on the temple,” Quillin said as he watched a Showtime replay of the first punch that hurt him. “That was a good shot.”Daniel-Jacobs-KOs-Peter-Quillin-on-Showtime-Championship-Boxing-02

I was throwing big shots,” Jacobs said. “There’s no lucky shots in boxing. Obviously, I caught him with a shot. Once I knew I had him hurt, I kept going.” When asked about giving Quillin a rematch Jacobs said he has no problem with that, but for tonight a star was born in Middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs (31-1) 28 kos.


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