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My Predictions for the TNA Knockouts in 2016

With the Knockouts now officially out of TNA’s World Title Series, one has to wonder what is next for TNA’s female warriors. One has to assume that the Knockouts action and storylines will go back to normal once the WTS ends and Impact Wrestling begins their run on Pop on the first Tuesday of the New Year. With all of that in play, I have predictions for the Knockouts in 2016.

TNADollhouseonBedThe Dollhouse Will Be Torn Down – The status of former Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell is up in the air at this point, as she has recently hinted that she may leave TNA and wrestling in general due to not wanting to compromise her Christian beliefs. Taryn has been in TNA since 2013, starting as a referee for Knockouts matches, which had her instantly feuding with TNA’s top villainess, Gail Kim, and later becoming Knockouts Champion in November 2014. Taryn turned villainous during her reign this past April, becoming the leader of The Dollhouse with Jade and Marti Bell. She went on to become the longest reigning KO Champion in TNA history, holding the title until July 15, 2015. Taryn’s been MIA since then, and the recent rumors have led fans to assume that she’s done in TNA. If that’s the case, I would think that the Dollhouse would be done as well, and Jade, Marti Bell, and Rebel would go back to playing separate gimmicks. I can’t see the Dollhouse gimmick continuing if/when their leader leaves TNA, plus I think it’s run it’s course anyway. Which brings me to this next prediction:

TNAJadeJade Will Become Knockouts Champion – If and when Taryn leaves and the Dollhouse gimmick is done, I see big things for Jade. Jade, who we all know as Mia Yim on the independent circuit, is one of the biggest names in women’s wrestling today. Before her regular stint in TNA, Jade competed in promotions such as Women Superstars Uncensored, SHIMMER Women Athletes, and Shine Wrestling, where she remains as the only woman to have held the SHINE Championship and the SHINE Tag Team Championship. I would think that Jade would have a banner 2016, which could see her capture the Knockouts Championship. Regarding her character, I would like to see Jade continue as a heel, mainly because she’s been a babyface for so long until joining TNA. She could be golden as an arrogant heel if given the chance.

Gail Kim Will Be Inducted Into the TNA Hall of Fame – Honestly, I thought Gail Kim would be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame this year. She has done so much in her lengthy wrestling career. Gail Kim remains the only woman to have captured the WWE Women’s Championship in her debut match for the promotion in 2003. She became the first ever TNA Knockouts Champion in 2007, and she was the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in TNA history before Taryn Terrell eclipsed her this year. Plus, Gail is one of very few KOs to compete for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Even without that last accomplishment, a TNA Hall of Fame induction is long overdue, and I see Gail making history as TNA’s first female member.Gail-Kim2

velvetSkyVelvet Sky Will Turn Heel – A heel turn prediction I had regarding the Knockouts would have seen the turn going to either Velvet Sky or Brooke Tessmacher, but with Brooke now gone from TNA, I do think the turn will go to Velvet. Here’s a trivial note:  in eight years in TNA, Velvet Sky has never worked as a solitary heel. She has always been aligned with Angelina Love and/or Madison Rayne in her villainous roles. Fans have seen Velvet as a solitary babyface many times, and it has led her to the Knockouts Championship twice, and engaged in feuds with Knockouts such as Gail Kim, Mickie James, and even Angelina Love. So what could be Velvet’s motive for turning heel? After all, she recently reunited with Angelina and Madison to reform the Beautiful People. But think about it. Madison was in the World Title Series. Angelina is about to have a baby. Those two are getting all of the attention, but what’s Velvet getting? Plus, Velvet hasn’t been champion in over two years, and all of that could lead to a villainous turn for Velvet in 2016, and maybe even a third title.

Those are my bold predictions for the TNA Knockouts for 2016. Here’s hoping that at least one of them, if not all of them, come true!

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