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Since the last article Episode’s Five and Six have aired. So what’s been going on at the Performance Centre ? Let’s find out !


hypebrosSo we ended Episode 4 with the main event of the NXT house show. Who would win the Hype Bros or the team of Jordan and Gable? We would find out even with Gable’s injury they still had enough left in the tank for victory. This team will go places and the more they team the better they will become. As for the Hype Bros this could be Ryder’s last stop before he is future endeavored.

Poor ZZ he can’t quite get it right. His cardio is terrible and he got pushed over the edge again, Matt Bloom, head trainer told him the only way he will make it is to push himself and give everything.

Cal Bishop was back again we got an in depth look at him and saw his injury in a match in December of 2014. Since then his constant shoulder injuries were holding him back. At the PC the doctor was checking him out and was physically cleared to wrestle.

niaJax&theRockNia Jax is not the most conventional looking Diva but in NXT they are wrestlers not Divas so a character like this can flourish. A monster heel it’s something we haven’t seen since Kharma. It helps that her cousin is the Rock. She talks about her excitement of being in NXT and wanting to be the greatest diva of all time(she’s not lacking confidence).On the opposite end of the scale Npooh was back ! She had been having her own problems not being booked but was car sharing with Nia. Breaking down, Npooh not the car has been struggling.

All the coaches were discussing the current crop of talent around a table. High praise for Breeze he was with the women helping them develop their character.Terry Taylor said he understood his character and his attitude was phenomenal. Npooh and Cal were mentioned and it sounded promising. Remember Tino? He was the guy with a concussion and was hoping to be involved in the live shows coming up. He wasn’t on the card but was backstage with his brother Sean. Tino had gotten Sean an NXT try out who says nepotism’s dead. Sean had already failed a try out the year previous but was going to try again. Fate interfered and a injury stopped him from taking part. Maybe some other time.

AliaNpooh had the news she had been waiting for she had a ring name and it was Alia. Well it’s better then Npooh. She rang Regal and set up a meeting with him.  At the PC in the office Regal saw potential in Alia she wanted to be a like Kadashian but Regal said by the time she makes it to the main roster it will be out of date(let’s hope so). She settled for a belly dancer mix with Bratz, Regal was impressed.

Apollo Crews works hard and plays hard. Yes his PS4 certainly gets a workout. Alongside Angelo Dawkins and Solomon Crowe, There not so different to you or me.

Finally we were back with Cal. His first training session back, he couldn’t hit a hip toss yet due to his recovery still and he was worried about using his arm but so far he hadn’t injured himself again. We would see how his journey goes.

Sara Amato is the Head Coach for the women and she had a one on one meeting with Nia Jax. A lot of positives but one weakness is trying to make everything work at once. I think Nia is more concerned about what the WWE think about her weight. As she said she can be positive role model for anybody who thinks they cant do something just because of how they look.

The Episode ended with Canyon Ceman in his office and Crews , Jordan , Jax and Bishop were called in would one of them be future endeavored?

Well Apollo was giving a raise and they said the last man to have that was Kevin Owens. Very interesting also Jordan and Jax were given raises.  Cal on the other hand was told he was let go !! What happened next!

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