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3 Things We Learned From SmackDown

With TLC around the corner what did Smackdown have to offer? Here’s what we learned.


1.WWE losing interest in Neville.

Since debuting on the main roster Neville has been the king of kickoff. At Survivor Series he was eliminated in the team that he was captain of. On Raw and Smackdown he has been on the losing side more often than not. Even his feud with Stardust seemed to stop all of a sudden. On Smackdown Neville lost to Breeze thanks to Summer Rae. The match was good and Neville is super talented but I fear the WWE has lost interest in him and see him as a guy who can put people over. For some strange reason the WWE’s recent trend of mistreating NXT talent is bewildering. I hope Breeze is not losing to everyone in a couple of months like Neville. Let’s hope this is a bump in the road for the Brit and WWE gives him more of a chance,maybe with the Miz ?


2. The New Day can back it up.

The story of Smackdown this week was Roman Reigns and his fight against the newly formed League of Nations(which sounds like the next Marvel film). Joined in ring by Ambrose and the Usos at the start of the show it looked to be an eight man tag.Enter the New Day and they told us it would only be a tag match if Ambrose and the Usos could beat them later on in the show. Shield 2.0 started the match strong and looked to be in complete control. Ambrose was dominating New Day until Big E used his strength to take the initiative in the match. Ambrose managed to get a hot tag to Jimmy Uso who cleaned house as the match then broke into a brawl with Ambrose and Jey Uso flying to the outside on Big E. Jimmy and Woods were left in the ring and when Kofi interfered on the outside Woods hit a shining wizard on Jimmy for the pin. Not only did the New Day look strong they can back up all their talk at the moment. As for Reigns he would have to go it alone.


3. Four Men Aren’t Better than One.

In the main event Reigns felt the might of the League of Nations. Beaten down early on Roman was dealt a good hand when Barrett was sent to the back. Rusev was the next to try and take Reigns down but Roman was a man possessed taking the Bulgarian Brute out. Del Rio entered the frame and after a nasty back stabber went for the armbar Reigns reversed and hit his spear but just when it looked like Reigns had it won Sheamus stopped the count. Both men brawled to the outside and after Reigns threw Rusev over the barricade and Del Rio over the announce table and had just enough time to get in the ring before the ten count. Reigns did the impossible and beat the League of Nations. Great performance by Reigns and you can see WWE treating Reigns with the same tactics they used on John Cena.

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