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Derrick Rose Then and Now: Rose is Close to Returning To What He Once Was

It’s hard to watch Derrick Rose these days.DerrickRoseSimeon


Just yesterday I was on YouTube watching some highlight videos when I stumbled upon some Derrick Rose MVP year highlights.

It’s unbelievable to watch that a human being could be so good at one sport. There was also some Simeon highlights, where Rose went to high school, in the suggested videos.


He is arguably one of the best Illinois high school players ever. The impact he had on his team and even the state was remarkable.


Now, we watch a different Rose. A Rose covered from knee to ankle in braces. A Rose who is settling for outside shots when shooting from outside of 15 ft was never part of his game.

He took the NBA world by storm his MVP season. He not only became the youngest MVP ever, but he made a mark in the NBA that he will be a force to reckon with his entire NBA career.

Today, he isn’t MVP Derrick and he never will be. Plagued by an ACL injury tearing his miscues in his right knee-twice, and a variety of others, Rose will never be the same player he was just a few years ago.


Shooting 31 percent in his last 10 games, Rose is struggling to find his groove.


DerrickRoseInjuredIn last years playoffs, Rose averaged 20 points. That was huge for not only his confidence but the team as a whole. The Bulls have been without Derrick for a very long time since he tore his ACL in the 2012 playoffs. It was huge for him to enter the playoffs again and make such an immediate impact.

So far this season, Rose is only averaging 13.6 pts per game. His assist total is around 7 per game so that is a positive but nonetheless, Rose is struggling to put the ball through the hoop.

Another low stay for Rose this season is his free throw attempts per game. Rose is only averaging 2.9 FTA per game. In order for him and the team to have success, he has to draw fouls and get to the line. A big part of his game prior to 2012 was getting to the rim. He would average 5-6 a game and that was huge to his point total. Now, he is taking more outside shots which is drawing him to what made him a number one pick, an explosive, get to the rim at all costs player.

We all know that Derrick Rose broke his orbital bone in the opening days of camp. It required surgery and caused him to sit all of the preseason. He now wears a protective mask and will experience “double vision” for a couple of months.


Can the double vision be affecting Roses play? Of course it is.  And I know it is the reason Rose is off to such a slow start.RoseCentered


The double vision is probably mainly affecting his outside shot. Rose is shooting 18% from beyond the arc and inside the arc is just as bad(under 31% in his last 10 games).

Sitting out for the amount of time Rose did, I cannot imagine the emotional toll it took on him.  Even with the double vision, Rose is playing through it, which is huge considering that he has sat himself in the past.


Rose is playing poorly. All players go through stretches like this and we have to respect it. It’s tough to watch but we have to put into account that rose has missed so much time that he is still adjusting.

Derrick Rose recently said that he is struggling right now and improving his game everyday. He knows he will get back to playing at a high level and when he does, he is letting us know it will be “scary.”

Bulls fans, Rose is still a fantastic player. I’m not here to make excuses for the guy. Once his double vision ends and I’m sure he will let us know, Rose’s game will begin to look like his MVP year. The explosive, knockdown shooter we all know he can be. It’s only a matter of time until Rose plays at the top of his game.
Remember, we still have Doug McDermott.

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