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All I Want For Christmas From the B’s

All I want for Christmas is tickets to see the Bridgestone NHL 2016 Winter Classic Game at Gillette Stadium on January 1, 2016. All I want is to watch the Boston Bruins battle the Montreal Canadiens in their only outdoor game of the year. The rivalry is arguably the best in the NHL, and it is bound to be an amazing game. The game will display a rivalry since the beginning of time, and would be the time of our lives!

Tickets to the Winter Classic would mean that the two of us who write these Bruins articles together would have the chance to attend our first game together, and both of us our first outdoor game. It would give us the chance to write an article which we would call something like “Live From the Classic”. We would be able to see the Winter Classic old fashioned jerseys from extra close up!

Men's Boston Bruins Reebok Black 2016 Winter Classic Premier Jersey

In a perfect world, these tickets would include a pass to meet some players after the game. This would mean standing on the artificially made outdoor ice rink, that wouldn’t even need to be made artificially with the chill in the air. It would mean we could meet some of our favorite players including Bergeron, Marchand, and Rask, and of course the upcoming young players who could very well be on the road to becoming legends.
You can be sure that if I woke up on Christmas morning with Winter Classic tickets under the Christmas tree for just a week later, I would be ecstatic. Of course with Santa, anything is possible!

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