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Boston’s New Highly Priced Pitcher and the Money in MLB


priceOh boy. How about the money you can receive as a successful free agent starting pitcher in Major League Baseball these days? The Boston Red Sox have signed David Price to the largest contract for a pitcher in MLB history at 7 years/$217 million. Remember when we were all blown away upon hearing the massive contract that Barry Zito received from the San Francisco Giants as a free agent? Well, that 7 year/$126 million deal from 2007 sounds so miniscule now, although, his poor performance as a Giant makes that contract look bad. The point is the money that these ballplayers are getting, even pitchers who are a big risk to pay such big dollars due to health, consistency and aging concerns, is incredibly superb. Many of the largest all-time contracts for pitchers have been given as extensions with their team at the time. Here are the biggest contracts for starting pitchers in the history of baseball:

**Recent Starting Pitcher contract signings

David Price, $217,000,000 (2016-22)
**Clayton Kershaw, $215,000,000 (2014-20)
Max Scherzer, $210,000,000 (2015-21)
**Justin Verlander, $180,000,000 (2013-19)
**Felix Hernandez, $175,000,000 (2013-19)
CC Sabathia, $161,000,000 (2009-15)
Masahiro Tanaka, $155,000,000 (2014-20)
Jon Lester, $155,000,000 (2015-20)
Zack Greinke, $147,000,000 (2013-18)
**Cole Hamels, $144,000,000 (2013-18)

pricesunRegardless whether teams are trying to sign high priced free agent pitchers or locking up their home grown aces long term, the money in baseball has grown massively and will only continue to grow. Yes, it’s a little easier extending your number one ace who you drafted, developed and experienced success with before he goes goes out on the market, but don’t bother daydreaming about reaching a “home town discount”. Aside from revenue sharing, major teams are now making a whole lot of money from TV deals. The MLB Player Association also plays a large role in ballplayers getting paid like never before. We are talking about several players already with a $200 million contract. The money is there and the MLBPA along with aggressive yet- very smart agents are making sure players are getting paid what they are worth, especially with the money that is available these days. I guess, the price is right.




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