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3 Impacts from Impact (December 2, 2015)

impact-wrestlingGroup play in TNA’s World Title Series finally ended, and this week’s episode featured the beginning of the Round of 16, the single elimination tournament that will end with the crowning of a brand new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. All eight first round matches took place on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling, which is one of the last on Destination America before they make their move to POP on the first Tuesday of 2016. With that, here are three things that stood out the most on this week’s Impact:

  1. GailKimOut of the eight first round matches, two of them were intergender. There has been a huge debate in the wrestling community for many years about women mixing it up with men, with many seeing intergender matches as a huge opportunity for women to rise in what has been a male-dominated forum for several decades, while the concept of males getting physical with females is unsettling to some. Nevertheless, the two lone Knockouts in the World Title Series, Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, each had male opponents. Gail, the reigning Knockouts Champion, faced off against reigning X Division Champion Tigre Uno, and it was a spectacular match, with Tigre acting chivalrous at first and not wanting to go after a woman, but Gail wanting him to bring the fight. I was disappointed that Gail lost–I thought that they would continue to build up the KOs by having her advance, but that didn’t happen. And the Knockouts’ chance for history was snuffed out when Kong was defeated by Jesse Godderz, which leaves Kong’s future up in the air. It was reported that Kong announced her retirement from wrestling, but a conflicting report stated that her contract is running out and she’s waiting for a new deal, and will retire if it’s not to her liking. We’ll see what happens next.eyoung
  2. I couldn’t help but be captivated by the match between Eric Young and Kenny King. Honestly, I’ve loved seeing how EY has developed as a heel since his villainous turn in January of this year. He has shown that he can go from 0 to 60 at the snap of a finger, going from this underdog, Daniel Bryan-esque babyface last year (which saw him finally capture the TNA World Heavyweight Championship) to this twisted and psychotic heel this year. He showed out in his match, en route to defeating King, and I hope he gets a good push in 2016.
  3. LashlyvsGallowayThe first round was main evented with Lashley and Drew Galloway, a pair of former WWE talents and titleholders. Lashley has been in TNA on-and-off for several years, but in his consistent run that started last year, he has been elevated to winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship twice. Galloway has yet to get that elevation, but he’s only been in TNA for just a few months. Even so, I thought that Galloway’s big push would happen in this World Title Series and would see him advance to the Final Four, if not the finals. Instead, he was defeated by Lashley and is one and done. With that, I don’t know what’s in store for Galloway in TNA in 2016, but it better see him with a title.

Those are my 3 Impacts from Impact for this week. Next week is the Round of 8! Until then!

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