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NXT 12-02-15

NXT  would start off a little lonely as the Lone Wolf Baron Corbin would make his way to the ring, he would face the perfect 10 Tye Dillinger. The bell would ring and right off the back Dillinger would run after Corbin but his attack would be voided by Corbin. Corbin would continue vicious assault on Dillinger by a clothesline in the corner and followed by knees to the gut. After a miss clothesline; Dillinger would gain some momentum even hitting a superkick on Corbin. Dillinger would head to the middle rope but that would be his downfall as Corbin grabbed him mid air and hit the End of Days.


Winner: Baron Corbin

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The dominate Nia Jax would make her arrival to the ring and her opponent. (Cue the Acapella music) BLUE PANTS. The crowd would go crazy. Blue Pants would get in the mind of Nia Jax and taunting her but after a while she had enough and clothesline Blue Pants. Jax would literally toss Blue Pants around the ring. Jax would set up for a body slam but Blue would land some kicks on Jax. Jax would then turn that around and land a series of elbows on the defenseless Blue Pants. After a samoan drop and a leg drop Nia Jax would pick up the win.


Winner: Nia Jax

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Its party time all the …….Wait I stand corrected as Adam Rose made his return to NXT with no music as he made his way to the ring. His opponent The Cowboy James Storm. Storm would get off to the early start but quickly it was turned around with Rose getting him in a headlock to hold him down. Rose would try to throw Storm out the ring but Storm would muscle his way back up and hit Rose with a running clothesline followed by atomic drop followed up by another clothesline. Later in the match Storm would land The Last Call on Rose for the win.


Winner: James Storm

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Before I even saw the match I already knew this was gonna be a good one as The Vaudevillains vs. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. Gable would be in the ring and so do I even have to explain. Gable would make the tag to Jordan and Simon Gotch would make the tag to Aiden English. Jordan would use his great amater background and ground English. English turned it a around for a bit but Jordan would make the tag to Gable. Gable would attack the leg of English but get sent out the ring. After being sent out Gable would be held down in the corner of his opponent. Gable would be held down for a while until he wrapped up English for a rolling arm drag. In comes Jason Jordan, he would dominate both of The Vaudevillains. The straps would come down as he tackled Gotch in the corner; a tag into Gable would help him set up the belly to back bridge suplex. Jordan and Gable would offer to shake the hands of The Vaudevillains but The Vaudevillains would decline.


Winners: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable
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Emma would make her way to the ring to face NXT jobber Liv Morgan (maybe one day she will be big time). Of course Emma would dominate viscously. Morgan would only get a couple of kicks in but Emma would just make her tap out to the Emma Lock.


Winner: Emma

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In the main event it would be Tommaso Ciampa vs. Samoa Joe. Early in the match Joe would show no respect to Ciampa. Samoa Joe is the one who introduced Ciampa into the wrestling lifestyle. Joe would punch Ciampa into the corner which is where he took advantage. Joe would use effective striking but Ciampa would do what he does best, chop. They would exchange blows on two occasions. But after a kick to the head Joe would just dominate like he has never has before. Joe would hit the Muscle Buster followed by the rear naked choke.
Winner: Samoa Joe

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