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The College Football Playoff Bracket Could result in Chaos

CFP-4-640The College Football Playoff is going to continue to be this love/hate relationship.  From why is it only four teams to why did FSU get in last year when they played some awful games, it is still one of the most exciting sporting events in the sporting world.

I mean come on, how else would you want to start off the New Year.

The updated College Football rankings came out on December 1, 2015 and they are as follows: No. 1 Clemson followed by No. 2 Alabama, No. 3 Oklahoma, and No. 4 Iowa.    This was the fifth of six rankings, with the final top four of the season to be revealed on College Football Playoff Selection Day (ESPN, Sunday at noon ET).


Get the complete top 25 College Football Rankings here.

I am not against these rankings.  Clemson has been the most dominant team in College Football this season. Alabama has been Alabama and has taken over games, mainly from the production from Junior and Heisman hopeful Derrick Henry. The Sooners are coming off three big wins (Baylor, TCU, and Oklahoma St.) and have already locked up the Big 12 title. Lastly, the Iowa Hawkeyes have played well all year and are undefeated.

This weekend is the granddaddy of them all: Conference Championship Weekend.  Six Championships will be played and broadcasted across the ESPN networks.

Here are the games that will take place on Saturday December 5th, 2015.

Houston Cougars vs. Temple Owls-American Athletic Conference Championship

Texas Longhorns vs. Baylor Bears – Big 12 Championship

Florida Gators vs. Alabama Crimson Tide – SEC Championship

USC Trojans vs. Stanford Cardinals – Pac-12 Championship

Michigan State Spartans vs. Iowa Hawkeyes – Big Ten Championship

North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Clemson Tigers- ACC Championship


Now, these standings may very well be the final standings if all these teams win, but what if things go wrong and the underdogs win.  Could Clemson really fall out if they lose to UNC? Does Ohio St. even have a chance at this point? Will Michigan State automatically replace Iowa if they win?

First off, the big surprise was where the bubble teams were placed, Ohio St. at 6, Stanford at 7, and North Carolina at 10.  What about the other teams in the top 10? Their strength of schedule is nothing special and mainly Notre Dame chocked and lost all hope after a crushing loss to Stanford this past weekend.

MichiganStateHow could these teams sneak into the top 4? Ohio St. needs a miracle to happen because Michigan State is in their way and the Buckeyes will not be playing for the Big Ten Championship.  Stanford has played really well but the two losses stick out and are keeping them out of the hunt.  Even beating USC is not going to be enough to get themselves in the playoff.  And North Carolina lost to a now 3-9 South Carolina team.  Also, their out of conference opponents were not impressive wins at all.

If North Carolina were to beat Clemson, it would be a shock to many.  Clemson would definitely lose the Number 1 seed but there is no way they fall out of the top 4.  They would still debatably be the best all-around team in the nation.   North Carolina would definitely rise but Ohio St and Michigan State still have the Tar Heels to beat.

The Buckeyes potentially gave away their playoff spot with the loss to Michigan State.  Some could argue that Northern Illinois almost beating them put them off the map.  Ohio St. is not playing this weekend and they hope for something drastic to happen in order for them to get in.

The Big Ten Championship is going to be a game for the ages.  Iowa is number 4 while the Spartans are sitting at number 5.  Now, Michigan St. does have a loss to Nebraska while Iowa is riding a perfect season thus far.  Does an Iowa loss automatically give Michigan State the spot? I do not think so.  Nebraska finished 5-7 and Iowa has dominated everyone.  This would be a tough call for the committee but I see Iowa staying despite the loss.

Oklahoma does have an ugly loss to Texas, but they have finished the year strong.  They have proved they deserve to be number three.

When I see it, the bracket would only go to chaos if Alabama or Clemson loses.  Both teams are expected to win and they should win, but anything can happen and we all know this.

It will be a very entertaining Saturday.  Upsets could happen and leave a lot of questions on the table which the committee will have to face.  The Selection Show is Sunday; nothing is for sure until then.


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