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Pick Six: Week 13


“Pick Six” is back! “Pick Six” is a weekly article where I choose six fantasy football questions asked by YOU over on Twitter! Questions for the article can be asked any time from Monday through Tuesday afternoon, just send them to @FantasyFlurry. Of course, you can ask other questions anytime during the week and I will answer them. Please share this article so we can continue to get as many questions as possible, and we can grow our sports community!

1) James | @J16James

Q: Should I drop Davante Adams and pick up DeSean Jackson off waivers?


A: This is a tough one, but I’d hang tight with Adams. His drops should decrease. At the end of the day, DeSean only had four targets last week, and Davante had 11.


2)  Sean Morter | @SeanMorter

Q: Should I start DeSean Jackson over A.J. Green or DeAndre Hopkins this week?

A: Nope. DeSean is a boom-or-bust player, and last week he had a boom game. He had a good day last week on only four targets, and I need to see that pick up before I can start him with confidence. You’re starting Green and Hopkins, but DeSean will be a good flex start go forward since he has some juicy matchups.


3) Jordan Henderson | @swearjordan

Q: What’s the value of Charcandrick West or Spencer Ware? Should West return, will it be a timeshare?

A: I do not think this situation will be a timeshare. Andy Reid has been a one running back guy for his whole coaching career, and I can’t see that changing now. We just need to see who they name the starter for this week. Some inside sources have said that they think Ware fits their offense a bit better, I personally like West better, but I honestly think it is up in the air right now. Reid probably does not even know yet. The closest thing to a timeshare that we’ll see is if West is named the starter, I think we could see Ware come in for short yardage situations. If Ware is the starter, I think the only time we’ll see West will be if they absolutely need another receiving option in the game.


4) GOAT | @The_FantasyGoTo

Q: Stantard 10 team ESPN. Tyrod Taylor, Brian Hoyer, Alex Smith, Jameis Winston. Choose one. 


A: I’m going with Smith this week in a good matchup against the Raiders. If we are talking rest-of-season value then I’m going Tyrod. I just really don’t like his matchup against the Texans this week.


5) Chuck | @MoneyChuck24

Q: I got Gronk and no backup TE, should I add Chandler, Tamme, Rudolph, Vance, or Wilson? 1/2 PPR.

A: You should grab Chandler. We all know how much New England likes tight ends, and by picking up Chandler, you will have the starting tight end the rest of the way since you still have Gronk on your bench.


6) Alex O’Neill | @oneilla7

Q: What’s going on with Rodgers? You think he turns it around come playoff time?


A: Whew…what is going on indeed. I’ll just breakdown the whole Packers offense, because a lot of things are hurting Rodgers right now. Let’s start with the receivers. They are playing slow and not running their routes as crisp as Packer fans are used to. Remember how everyone was asking why the Giants cut James Jones? They cut him because they placed a high priority on route running and the receiver’s ability to get separation. Jones is bad at both. The receivers have been unable to break man coverage, so this has allowed defenses to put more guys in the box and blitz more often. The next problem: the offensive line. They have been injured, which wasn’t the case last season. So these lineman are struggling, AND the defense is bringing more guys at them. This is bad news for Rodgers. He has been rushed in the pocket and hit a ton since the game against Denver. Defenses bringing more guys into the box have also allowed them to play the run more. So now, because the receivers can’t get separation, it hurts the offensive line, the running game, and Rodgers. On top of all of this, they continue to shoot themselves in the foot with stupid penalties and dropped passes. Now, can Rodgers turn it around this season? Absolutely. The receivers will get better, the line will get healthier, and Rodgers will have to learn to trust his receivers more. If Ty Montgomery can return for them soon, that will also give them a fast weapon that can stretch the field, and force the defenses to spread out and loosen their coverage.


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions this week, and sorry if yours didn’t get picked! Make sure to send more questions to @FantasyFlurry this week to get answers/advice, and also send them on Monday-Tuesday afternoon for a chance to make it in next week’s “Pick Six”!

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