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manziel25cut-4These days, it isn’t fun being Johnny Football. Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been demoted to third string after violating the team’s trust.

092015-NFL-Browns-Johnny-Manziel--pi-ssm-.vadapt.620.high.1After all his issues, the Browns coaches had done all they could to help and support him throughout the year then he lied about the timing of his most recent party video in Austin, Texas. The video alone gave the Browns little option, but to take the starting quarterback job from him. The fact that he lied about when it was recorded and apparently tried to get others to lie to cover for him makes it clear why coach Mike Pettine was so upset.Johnny-Manziel1

The last person a team needs is trust issues with its quarterback, that’s the leader of the team and the face of the team. A team has to trust their quarterback on and off the field. The Browns stuck by Manziel’s side when he went through 10 weeks of rehab and he responded to the support with more than one troubling incident.

He was questioned by the police after witnesses reported he was driving 90 MPH on the shoulder of a highway while he argued with his girlfriend. Social media posts revealed he was partying two days after a Thursday night game in Cincinnati and now the video from the Austin nightclub during the Browns’ bye week. If Cleveland doesn’t want to put up with him anymore, I don’t know if any other team will want to take on the trouble, especially if you can’t trust him. He needs to make smarter decisions because he was doing great and it’s sad to see him waste his talent.

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