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5 Things We Learned From Raw

Dear Vince

Just let New Day run Monday Night Raw

1.) Only reason Raw was bearable to watch besides the beautiful Sasha Banks is The New Day. They kicked off Raw and it was going so great until they said they were having a celebration for Sheamus. Trust me this isn’t the last you hear of New Day.

2.) Roman Reigns held the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for 5 minutes 15 seconds and lost it to Sheamus. So according to Sheamus … SHEAMUS 5:15 SAYS I JUST WHOOPED YOUR ARSE.

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Tag Team Turmoil
3.) I told you that New Day would be back. They did commentary for the #1 Contender’s match for the Tag Team Champions. It was the Lucha Dragons vs The Usos but who cares the New Day on commentary was the best thing all night. Michael Cole couldn’t even stop laughing. In the end, the match would end after The New Day attacked both teams. Which brings me to my next point.

4.) The Authority offered Roman Reigns a chance at the WWE World Heavyweight Champion only thing is he would have to beat Sheamus for the title in five minutes and fifteen seconds. If Roman lost, Dean would lose his chance at the Intercontinental Championship and The Usos would lose their chance to be in a triple threat tag team match for the Tag Team Champions all taking place at TLC. Roman would win by disqualification. But looks like there is a new stable in the WWE.

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The League of Nations
5.) King Barrett
Del Rio
Thay are the The League of Nations.
Where is the Nation of Domination when you need them but anywho, they would band together to save Sheamus from losing his title. Teddy Long would be so happy to hear this because later in the night it would be The League of Nations vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Usos. But guess who would also crash the party making it a 7 on 4 handicap match. THE NEW DAY!!!!
Odds were against the team of four as The League of Nations and The New Day would win.

Image result for Sheamus 5:15

Side Notes
Tommy Dreamer returned to help the Dudleyz Boyz. He Wrestled in a match that ended in disqualification but hey Bray Wyatt went through a table.

Charlotte, just like her daddy and became the dirtiest player in the game while facing Becky Lynch. She faked a injury to catch Becky off guard.



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