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Ezekiel Elliott; Passion or Pass on Him

It was a more eventful post-game for Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott than it was a game last Saturday.

ee1After being held under 100 yards rushing for the first time in 16 games, Elliott fired a few warning shots in the direction of the Buckeyes’ coaching staff. While doing that, a visably upset Elliot then announced his plans to turn pro right after that. And to think earlier in the day, before the loss to Michigan State, the Buckeyes’ had a 1 in 4 chance of winning back-to-back National Titles.

“We weren’t put in position to win this game,” Elliott said after his 12-carry, 33-yard game. “I deserve more than [12] carries, I really do. I can’t speak for the play-caller. I don’t know what was going on.”

edwarrinerThe play caller is Ed Warriner, but Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer said he had a say on which plays were called as well. After the upset at the hands of Michigan State, Meyer said, “I couldn’t disagree with his comments.” Still, Meyer added that the timing of Elliott’s comments were an issue. “That’s not the place, and he knows that,” Meyer said.

Now wait just a buckeye minute here. The head coach said that he could not disagree with his comments, and he admitted to having a hand in the play calling. But people are still upset at Elliott? I do not understand this logic (and I use that term loosely) at all. This is college football, the coach calls the plays and the players, in this case 18-22 year old men for the most part, execute the plays they are given.

Ezekiel Elliott said “I deserve more than (12) carries.” That is the guy I want on my team, the guy that says, “give me the ball.” It is certainly alot better than the guy who makes tons of excuses when he is given the ball.

urban-meyerNow you have people wondering if this incident is going to have any bearing on Elliott’s draft stock? Yes, it will have a bearing on his draft stock! It should make it rise! Ladies and gentlemen, when your team collects 5 first downs in a game that you know you must win in order to keep your back-to-back National Title hopes alive, then you were not put into a position to win the game. When your star running back gets handed the ball 12 times in a game of that magnitude, and he collects a measly 33 yards, then you have to question the play calling and the overall game plan by the Buckeye coaching staff.

When Elliott said “I can’t speak for the play-caller,” he was saying “All I know is I was not given the chance to win the game for my team, I do not know why. If you want to know why go ask the coaches.” And when the reporters asked Urban Meyer, he says he could not disagree with his player, and says he had a hand in the play calling.

The loss, is a coaching problem, not a running back problem. I want Ezekiel Elliott and his passion, I would not pass on him.


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