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3 Things We Learned from WWE Smackdown

So what did we learn from the Thanksgiving Episode of SmackDown?


  1. The Wyatt’s vs the Dudley’s Continue

We had Erik Rowan and Braun Strauman against the Dudely’s on SD this after Bray and Harper had beaten them on Raw. Bubba was worked on for the majority of it and seemed to have a good chemistry. Just as it seemed the Dudley’s had turned it around by putting Braun down and getting the tables! A Luke Harper Superkick ended the match in a DQ but the Wyatt’s weren’t done yet and a double Chokeslam on Bubba through a table by Harper and Rowan put the explanation point on it. I can see a Table match at TLC between the Dudley’s and the Wyatt’s and it would be a fun match to watch.


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2.Return of the Gobbledygooker

Twenty five years ago a legend debuted at Survivor Series. Hatching from an egg the Gobbledygooker is one of the worse gimmicks ever. Seeing as it was Thanksgiving the New Day had their first ever pot luck dinner and the only thing missing was a turkey on the table. Luckily Woods showed up dressed like Mr GG and the New Day were having a great time but they had a match against the Lucha Dragons. Sin Cara and Kalisto look better each week and this was no exception. In a good back and forth match it looked like Kofi was going to cheat to win by putting his feet on the rope the Gooblede one pushed his feet off and distracted Kingston who was then pinned by Kalisto. Had Woods turned? No Jimmy Uso came onto the stage with Xavier and rolled him down to the ring and it was revealed to be Jey Uso in the turkey suit!


3. A New Number One Contender

Dean Ambrose Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze were fighting to become next in line for the IC title. The champion was at ringside looking on. All three men put forward a tremondus effort and in a frantic closing sequence Ziggle hit a Zig Zag on Ambrose but Breeze broke the count up in the nick of time. Prince Pretty hit his Beauty shot on Dolph but before anything else could happen Ambrose locked in Dirty Deeds on Breeze for the one two three. New number one contender for the IC title is Ambrose. Owens and Ambrose work well together and at TLC could steal the show.

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