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NXT 11-25-15

NXT 11-25-15


NXTBalorJoe-665x385-660x330Michael Cole would start off NXT, yes Michael Cole. He would announce that he is taking over while William Regal is off from surgery. He would see over the contract signing between the Champion Finn Balor and the challenger Samoa Joe. Cole would try to introduce the champ but his music would already hit. The NXT Champion Finn Balor would come out and call Joe out. Samoa Joe would enter the ring sign the contract then leave. As Balor made his way up the ramp Joe would attack and choke Balor out in the ring.


dash&dawsonTTchampsThe Vaudevillains would make their way to the ring to reclaim the titles they lost to Dash and Dawson a couple weeks back. Early in the match The Vaudevillains would look strong using their different array of offense. Aiden English would enter the match and Dash and Dawson would focus on his arm. In their last match they targeted his leg. Simon Gotch would enter off the hot tag and take it both to Dash and Dawson with some roll ups and pins that almost got a three count. Aiden English would get the tag and go up and over the rope for a pin but he didn’t see the tag made by Dash which would step up The Shatter Machine.


Winner : Dash & Dawson


After the match Dash and Dawson would make their way up the ramp but ……. HOW YOU DOING  Enzo and Big Cass would return and attack the champs. Before Dash and Dawson won the titles they took out the big competition  which were Enzo and Big Cass. The two would have their revenge on the tag champs.


In a rematch from Takeover we would have Asuka vs. Dana Brooke. But would we really no, Dana Brooke had Emma attack Asuka from behind and jump her. Brooke and Emma would leave while Asuka got up from her beating smiling.


Apollo CrewsApollo Crews (in my book the first future African American WWE Champion)  would take a member of Dudleyville…. No not Bubba …… No not Devon …. And oh God no not Spike but Jesse Sorensen. Sorensen was trained by the Dudleyz and we would have liked to see that come to effect in this match. Did it happen no, Apollo Crews would make quick work of the kid from Dudleyville with a spinning powerbomb. After the match Crews would accept the challenge issued by Baron Corbin for Takeover.


Winner: Apollo Crews


Dear Vince I know Raw ratings hit a low this week since 1996 but this is one way you can solve it. Eva Marie equals bad wrestler but have a good wrestler like Nia Jax in her corner, now she seems tough. In the main event the NXT Women’s Championship would be on the line as Eva Marie would take on Bayley. Before the match started they had Raw and Smackdown ref Charles Robinson talk to the NXT ref as he was the second referee to this match. According to the higher ups they wanted a veteran referee watching over the rookie ref to make sure no controversy happens . Eva Marie would come to the ring first with Nia Jax. Jax would be a big factor in this match.

Bayley Next “ AYE WE WANT SOME BAYLEY” Bayley would enter the ring to the joy of the crowd. Bayley would get the early advantage even snapping off the Bayley to Belly. It’s over end of story right, 1…2 Nia Jax would pull the referee out the ring. Bayley would try to check on the referee but Eva would go for a roll up. In my mind i’m thinking aww man they are really about to screw Bayley over. Charles Robinson would enter the ring and count 1….2… Bayley would kick out. Bayley would argue and Jax would hit Bayley with a head butt while the ref head was turned. Eva Marie would hit a senton for a breathtaking two count. Eva would take Bayley to the corner but Bayley would reverse and tag on some hit and as Bayley rolled back and went in for her final hit the referee Charles  Robinson would get in the way. Eva would grab Bayley and hit her finishing move taught to her by Brian Kendrick, The Slice Bread Number 2. Again i’m think screwjob. But no Bayley would kick out!!! Eva would try again but Bayley would push her into the referee. No ref to watch the match and Eva would go to the middle rope, Bayley would get up and try to go for the Bayley to Belly But Jax would grab her leg. Bayley would take out Jax then go back up. SUPER BAYLEY TO BELLY from the middle rope, but no ref to count… wait the rookie referee with the slide in 1…2….3 …….




After the match Nia Jax would attack Bayley and set her sights on the title.

But Vince look, NXT took a bad wrestler like Eva Marie and made one of the most interesting matches i seen. I really thought Bayley would lose her title with the odds against her. It was not easy to predict what will happen unlike Raw. Hopefully that 2.16 rating will help you learn.  

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