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WWE Breaking Ground Episode 4

Back after a Week’s break what did Episode 4 have in store ?

chadgableJasonJordanThis Week’s episode focused on two tag teams and also how a wannabe superstar needs to stay injury free and in tip top shape.


We saw Jason Jordan and learned a bit of back story about him. He wrestled since he was 7 and was motivated by his brothers who are in prison. He will be a WWE superstar in my eyes he has the look even if his personality is not up to scratch. William Regal agreed and said JJ needed someone or something. Enter Chad Gable he started when wrestling when he was 5 and wrestled at the 2012 Olympics in London. With both being former amateur wrestlers they quickly bonded and the chemistry was evident. More on them later.


ZZ was back again living in a bus and was having to grow up maybe to quickly. The real problem with ZZ is he is lacking work ethic. At cardio training Brookside talked about the Tough enough guys Josh and ZZ and the need to push them. RB tells ZZ to work harder and even with Head Coach Matt Bloom watching on, ZZ was fighting a losing battle and he quit and walked away. Would we see him again ?

calBishopCal Bishop has a real interesting look, signed from college by Gerald Briscoe. A year into training  Cal dislocated his right shoulder. A NXT favourite he calls himself a late bloomer and underdog with 2 years mostly injured he had a lot to prove. In promo class he smashed it with a lot of emotion and you cared for the character. He has lots of potential and hope he is injury free soon.


Mojo Rawley was focused on. There is something about him I don’t like him but can’t quite put my finger on it.  He was a football player and turned to wrestling after getting injured. Living in a self professed Hype house Mojo parties all the time. The trainers were more worried about his in ring talent. Explaining to each other how he doesn’t know how to work an opening match. They decided to put him in a tag team with Ryder, Rawley wasnt happy but didn’t have much of a choice. Zach Ryder got himself over a couple of years ago but WWE squandered it let’s hope there is hope for the Hype Bros.


The_Hype_BrosThe Dusty tag classic was upon us and it was going to be Jordan and Gable vs the Hype Bros. We saw each team travelling in their cars. Gable wants to be best friends with JJ. Well aren’t all tag teams best friends? While Mojo and Ryder traveled separately and interestingly Mojo traveled with Dana Brooke and in car they were trying to get girls numbers. Whilst Mojo was mucking about Ryder spoke with Bloom about Mojo’s behaviour. In my mind Mojo seems resentful that Ryder is on main roster and not with him.


The Tag Team main event was set but an injury to Gable seemed to be causing trouble and he wasn’t sure if he would be fit for the match. That’s the problem with tag teams they are dependent on each other. JJ worries while Chad sees the doctor. The injury is a ligament sprain and should be able to make it through. The Hype bros in ring chemistry was a problem and they didn’t seem to have the same ideas. Ryder said he had been in WWE for ten years and if it doesn’t work now it might never work.


We would find out the results next week !






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