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Pick Six: Week 12


“Pick Six” is back! “Pick Six” is a weekly article where I choose six fantasy football questions asked by YOU over on Twitter! Questions for the article can be asked any time from Monday through Tuesday afternoon, just send them to @FantasyFlurry. Of course, you can ask other questions anytime during the week and I will answer them. Please share this article so we can continue to get as many questions as possible, and we can grow our sports community!


1) WithAnBeat TTUNBias | @WithAnOhioBias–

Q: Do you think Jameis continues scoring?!


A: Not five touchdowns at a time, but yeah! He just got Vincent Jackson back, and should get Austin Seferian-Jenkins back very soon. His next three games are the Colts, Falcons, then the Saints. None of those matchups scare you. He also has scored less than 18 fantasy points only once in the past five games.


2) The McStop 76 | @TheMcStop–

Q: Will LeGarrette Blount be a big factor in the Pats offense for the rest of the year?

A: Absolutely! He’s the first guy who gets to run the ball, the obvious choice near the goal line, and he ran more routes than James White on Monday. I know the Patriots are tough to predict, but Blount should have a role no matter what the game plan is.


3) Matt from Iowa | @red14shadow–

Q: Hoping to pick up James Jones. Start him or Amendola this week?


A: I think you start Jones this week. Although I think Amendola is matchup-proof given the role he plays in that offense, I like James Jones against the Bears. The Packer’s offense has played well when they have gotten the ball to James Jones, and I think they know this. Even with the other guys in the offense competing for catches, I think they will make an effort to find James Jones often, especially in the end zone.


4) Alex O’Neill | @oneilla7–

Q: Spiller or Hightower a better pickup for an Ingram handcuff?

A: Although I don’t think either would be great if Ingram goes down, I think Hightower would be the more valuable guy. They brought a guy in who hasn’t played since 2011 (Hightower), and gave him work last week. I think that shows exactly how they view Spiller. Hightower would take over Ingram’s role, and Spiller would see a slightly increase role when Hightower needs a breather.


5) James | @J16James–

Q: Who is the better receiver the next month of the season? Jeremy Maclin or James Jones?

A: I think I’m going James Jones. The matchups are pretty good for both guys, so I don’t think that plays into the decision. I think he will continue to see targets as I discussed in a previous question.


6) Ali | @AliHammertime —

Q: Rawls, Ware, Allen. Who should I pick up off waivers this week?Seattle+Seahawks+v+Cincinnati+Bengals+GswChGggnLIl

A: The order is Rawls, Allen, Ware. Rawls and Allen are looking at the starting roles for the rest of the season, and they are the more talented players. Even if West misses this week, I don’t see Ware getting the same kind of workload as last week. Knile Davis was a healthy scratch last week, and I don’t see that happening again now that West is a bit hobbled.


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions this week, and sorry if yours didn’t get picked! Make sure to send more questions to @FantasyFlurry this week to get answers/advice, and also send them on Monday-Tuesday afternoon for a chance to make it in next week’s “Pick Six”!

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