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What Have We Learned So Far?

We are getting close to the 15 game mark of the new season. With that, it’s time we look at a few surprises, and a few things happening that deserve attention.stephen-curry-2015-golden-state-warriors-nba-wallpaper-67020

1)Golden State Warriors

Let’s face it. We all knew this team had another shot at a title, but did we all know they would go undefeated for some time? At 15-0, the “Dubs” have a challenge ahead of them, at either keeping the streak alive, or proving that they mean business for the 2nd year in a row regardless of record (whose to say neither will hold up?). Lets not forget that they handled the match-up Friday night with a the only team from the Eastern Conference to beat them on their home floor last year, in the Chicago Bulls. The boys from Windy City are 3rd in the East yes, yet are only averaging just over 100 ppg. Still, they maintain a defense that has held opponents under 100 thus far. Then on Sunday they went to Denver and beat the Nuggets while scoring 118 points. Thus, potentially starting the conversation of “Who can beat the Warriors?”. Blake-Griffin-Clippers-Wallpaper-9

2)Los Angeles Clippers

If you had the chance to see them play against the above mentioned Warriors the other night, this is a good time to tell you, I’m not surprised with the result. I have been asked, how can I not consider the Clippers a championship type team with the pieces they have? For one, Paul Pierce is old, and has a hard time keeping up with faster players in his match-up, Lance Stephenson still hasn’t found it (5 ppg, FG% of less than 40, and can hardly dish the ball), and sure the starters look pretty lobbing the ball all over the place and dunking, but what do we really say about the team as a whole that scores 106 ppg, but ALLOWS opponents to score the same? The Clippers have given away games before though, and flashing back to the Western Conference Playoffs last year, they also know how to blow series leads.

3)Philadelphia 76ers

sixers-jahlil-okafor_5With 15-0, also comes 0-14. When you score 90 ppg, yet allow your opponents to score 14 more than that, plus the fact that they don’t share the ball well either you get zero in the win column. On the bright side, Jahlil Okafor is dominating with 18 ppg and 7 boards. Lets just hope if he gets Rookie Of The Year, he doesn’t get the MCW treatment.

4)Miami Heat

I was somewhat wrong about Miami. Sitting at the 4th spot in the East is not so bad to start, and neither is being the number 1 team in the league in blocked shots per game (Courtesy of Hassan Whiteside). Again its still early, but you must admit they are playing with confidence, and defense (3rd in the league in OPPG) and it says a lot.

5)New Orleans Pelicans

Anthony-Davis-23-11… Ouch. I didn’t see it coming, nor did anyone else. A playoff team from last year hoping to build upon success, has found itself some trouble to start off. A combination of poor defense and rebounds might be the reason why. Anthony Davis no doubt still have a chance to compete for league MVP. 22 pts and almost 10 boards per game does have a lot of weight. Now hopefully he can apply that in an attempt to dig the Pelicans out the hole they find themselves in.


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