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If the NFL Season Ended Today

2015NFLplayoffsIf the NFL season ended today, where would your team be? I realize this is more of a projection than a reality, but none the less, it is fun to see where every contending team sets every week. So from now until the end of the season we will walk down the golden road together with the eventual end at Super Bowl 50.



NEPLogo#1 Seed New England PatriotsCincinnati-Bengals-9

#2 Seed Cincinnati Bengals

The Top 2 Seeds have not changed, and more than likely will not change. Both teams would get the much needed bye week, with the Patriots playing the team who is seeded the lowest of the two winners of the first round match-ups.

The #3 seed would then play the #6 Seed. Currently that BuffaloBillsHelmetwould be #3 Denver hosting #6 Buffalo.

ColtsGlovesSteelersGlovesThe #4 seed would also host the #5 seed. Currently those two teams would be #4 Colts and the #5 seed Steelers.

The 7th, 8th, and 9th seeded teams all have the same record at 5-5 and are the following teams in seeded order; Kansas City, Houston and the New York Jets.


carolina_panthers_logo_3d_wallpaper_-_1152x864ArizonaCardinalsLogoThe #1 Seed would be the undefeated Carolina Panthers.

The #2 Seed would be the 8-2 Arizona Cardinals.

Sunday Nights win meant alot more to the Cardinals, than the loss did to the Bengals. Both teams are slotted in the #2 spots in their respected divisions. But, Arizona controls their own destiny much more than does Cincinnati. The Cardinals play both the current 7-3 teams in their division, and they play both of them at home. If they can take care of business and beat both Green Bay and Minnesota, then the road for them to get a bye week and play at home looks rather promising.

PackersHelmetFalconsHelmetThe #3 Seed would the host the #6 seed. Currently, that would be #3 Green Bay and #6 Atlanta.

GiantsGlovesVikingsGlovesThe #4 seed would also host the #5 Seed. Currently, those two teams would be the #4 New York Giants and the #5 Minnesota Vikings. Green Bay winning the game on Sunday not only meant a higher seed, but also hosting a first round game and not going to another city for a first round game.

There are 2 other teams in the mix with identical 5-5 records. Those are the #7 ranked Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the #8 ranked Seattle Seahawks. Plus, 5 additional teams still technically in the hunt with 4-6 records.

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