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WWE Survivor Series 2015 Predictions

So the 29th edition of Survivor Series is upon us. Celebrating 25 years of the Undertaker and with the Semi Finals and Finals to crown a new WWE Champion as well let’s take a look at the match card and make some predictions.



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WWE Championship Tournament Semi Final

Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio

For the first time ever Del Rio goes one of one with Roman. Reigns is the favourite to win the tournament and it’s no surprise. The former Shield member has been on a roll for the past few months and coming off Hell in a Cell the fans are slowly getting behind Reigns. It helps that due to the lack of star power on the roster Reigns has become one of the main event talents and gets treated as such. Del Rio, the US champ, is making up the numbers here. Even though this should be a really good match and Del Rio will work on the arm. I have no doubt that Roman will advance.

Winner: Roman Reigns



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WWE Championship Tournament Semi Final

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens

Two Superstars who have tones of talent. Ambrose and Owens’ chemistry was evident recently on Smackdown. Their match was turning into a cracker before a cheap count out finish but this won’t happen at Survivor Series. It would make sense for Owens to win setting up a Face v Heel final but what of Ambrose? A feud for the IC championship seemed to be on the cards before Rollins injury, so a loss for Ambrose would mean the feud would be basically over. So except heel tactics by Owens for him to pick up the victory.

Winner: Kevin Owens



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Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler

Breeze debuted on the main roster a few weeks ago and since that point has been feuding with Ziggler. Leaving him laying on Raw and Smackdown.Would tonight be Dolph’s redemption? One would think so but with Ziggler having the problem of being over no matter what, a loss wouldn’t be so hard to imagine especially with Summer Rae at ringside. Ziggler with a surprise roll up on Breeze and Breeze taking him out afterwards would regain any heel heat lost during the match for Breeze.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler



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WWE Divas Championship

Charlotte vs Paige

These two Divas have been on a collision course since Charlotte moved up to the main roster. Team PCB, with both of these ladies as members, were fighting the Bellas just last month but the group has fallen apart in recent weeks. Paige dropped a pipe bomb on the Divas dressing room and since then has gone back to the Paige that I really like. This is her house! Charlotte has her hands full with Paige but only a couple of months after winning the title is it too soon for Charlotte to lose it? In a word no, Paige and Charlotte’s feud will continue long after Survivor Series.

Winner: Paige





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WWE Championship Tournament Final

Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens

This is my predicted final and even though I would love Ambrose vs Reigns I can’t see WWE doing that yet due to the negative reaction Reigns would get. Against Owens it is the perfect match. On Smackdown a couple of episodes ago these two men tore the house down and I expect it to be no different now. Owens as IC champ can lose this match and still look strong pushing Reigns all the way but Roman will have enough in the tank. Even if his arm has been worked on throughout the night. Roman will Reign and become the new WWE Champion but for how long? I can see a Sheamus cash in. Just as Reigns has seemingly overcome the odds the new face of the Authority will make his presence known.

Winner: Roman Reigns



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Family vs Family

The Brothers of Destruction vs the Wyatts

This match could’ve been better booked.With the inclusion of Balor and another Superstar this could have been a great traditional Survivor Series match. It’s a tag team match though with the Brothers of Destruction looking for revenge on the Wyatts. Bray Wyatt can pick any of his family to fight them and if you’re a betting man the choice would be himself and Braun Strowman but it depends how long this feud will last for. If the feud is continuing after Survivor Series then it could be Luke Harper and Erick Rowan and the Brother’s just dish out the destruction and go on to meet the rest of the Wyatts another day. Either way I can’t see Undertaker and Kane losing tonight.


Winner:  Brothers of Destruction


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