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3 Things We Learned from WWE Smackdown

This episode of SmackDown was the go home show for this Sunday’s Survivor Series so what did we learn?


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1.How the Mighty have Fallen.

It was four years ago this week that the Miz and R Truth faced the Rock and John Cena let’s just take that in for a second. Fast forward four years and the Rock is still the one of the biggest movie stars and Cena still the face that runs the place. As for Miz I think the WWE  has told him not to wrestle or if he does only quickly. Truth came out and thought he was a part of the tournament. Hey even if his gimmick is stupid at least the 43-year-old still has a job. The whole Miz TV segment had the four semi finalists in the ring and they would have a tag match in the main event. Miz TV ended with Miz calling action and Ambrose knocking him out. If that wasn’t enough embarrassment after the break Ceasro came out and destroyed him in seconds. I don’t know how many times I can write this but Miz used to be WWE Champion.





2. Follow the Buzzards or Rest in Peace

The druids came out and surrounded the ring wearing sheep masks. The Wyatt’s are going head to head with the Brothers of Destruction. Tonight was the last chance to send a message for either team. The Wyatt’s entered the arena with Druids leading them out and surrounded the ring wearing sheep masks. Bray stated that the followers of darkness had now seen the light. The Wyatts seemed confident untill Undertaker’s music started playing and he appeared on the screen. The Brother’s of Destruction were going to reclaim what was their’s and the Wyatt’s would Rest in Peace. After Kane’s pyro went off the Druids were laying on the floor dead like. Message sent.




3.Reigns or Ambrose

The Main Event for Smackdown were the final four in this Sunday’s semi final matches. Kevin Owens and Del Rio vs Reigns and Ambrose. In what was quite a basic tag match Ambrose was worn down for the majority of the match with Owens and Del Rio working well as a team. The former Shield members still have that chemistry and Reigns got the hot tag in. Just as it seemed Roman had the upper hand Owens was super kicked to the outside and the match disintegrated. Del Rio was in control on the outside whilst the referee counted both teams out. Back in the ring Ambrose hit dirt deeds on Owens and Del Rio was taken out by Romans spear. As Smackdown ended both Ambrose and Reigns looked at each other over the WWE championship. Was this WWE’s way of telling us what the final would be? We would find out Sunday.






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