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This Month in WWE History

The month of November is known for its controversy and the Survivor Series events. This month we check out some moments that some will know and maybe some that people don’t.

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Survivor Series 2012 (November 18th)

The WWE Championship was on the line in the main event as champion CM Punk defended against John Cena and Ryback. This was during Punk’s year title reign and he would do anything to keep hold of the gold. In a good match each man seemed to have it won and when Ryback hit Shell Shock on Cena it was his moment. Until Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins showed up and triple power bombed Ryback through the announce table. Theses men were collectively known as the Shield and their debut was to be remembered. Punk managed to pin Cena for the win and would live to fight another day.

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Survivor Series 2007( November 18th)

Two great main event matches on this card with Randy Orton defending the championship against Shawn Michaels the catch for HBK was that he couldn’t use the Sweet Chin Music. After a great back and forth match Michaels went for his finisher but stopped midway realizing he would be disqualified that was enough time for Orton to hit an RKO out of nowhere for the pin.The Undertaker was trying to win the World Championship against Batista in Hell in a Cell after a near year feud with a classic between the two at WM 23 Batista and Undertaker shared the same magic and after twenty minutes of brutal high octane action Undertaker looked to have it won before Edge dressed as a cameraman ran in and attacked the Deadman. Edge wouldn’t be finished there as he dragged Batista on Undertaker for the Animal to retain.


Survivor Series 2002(November 17th)

Six men entered the first ever Elimination Chamber. Champion Triple H defended against RVD, Booker T, Kane, Y2J and Shawn Michaels in New York City. What a war it was each men bleeding heavily and when it came down to the Game and HBK it seemed there would be only one winner. It was only Shawn’s second match since returning from four years out but Shawn thanks’ to a herculean effort managed to reverse a pedigree into a sweet chin music for the one two three and become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

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Survivor Series 1998(November 15th)

Much like this year the Deadly Game tournament was held at Survivor Series to crown a new WWE Champion featuring Mankind, the Rock and Stone Cold the night will be remembered as the Rock becoming WWE champion for the first time. In the quarterfinals the Undertaker and Kane ended in a no contest and Stone Cold was eliminated at the Semi final stage thanks to the stooges who helped Mankind defeat the Rattlesnake. The Final was the Rock and Mankind and after a slow start both men put in a fantastic performance before the Great One put Mankind in the sharpshooter and McMahon calling for the bell. Much like the previous year another screw job and the Corporate Champion was born.


Survivor Series 1991(November 27th)

History was made at Survivor Series 91 not only did the Undertaker become WWE Champion but it would be the first single match at a Survivor Series event. The match doesn’t hold up today with the Phenom using basic choke holds and Hogan just selling for him. Towards the end of the match Ric Flair would bring a chair to ringside and with the referee distracted by Paul Bearer the Dead man hit the Tombstone on the chair to the Hulkster and at the time became the youngest WWE Champion ever.


Survivor Series 1990(November 22nd)

I couldn’t do a This Month in History without the mentioning the debut of a true legend, yes the Gobbledy Gooker! I kid of course the Undertaker made his debut accompanied by Brother Love and would be the surprise entrant in Dibase’s team. The Dream team stood in the Undertaker’s way and he quickly made short work of Koko B Ware with a vicious Tombstone. Jim’the Anvil Neidhart was next in the line of fire and was soon eliminated as well. Taker wasn’t done yet as he brawled with Dusty Rhodes at ringside before being counted out. Dibase would win the match for his team. What a debut !

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