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NXT 11-18-15

Nov.18th of NXT would start off fabulous as the princess of NXT Carmella would make her way to the ring. Her opponent the undefeated Nia Jax. Two different styles, Carmella is high energy and fast hitting; Nia Jax more powerful and hard hitting. In this match it was a power show with Jax early on with a huge bear hug, Carmella would reverse into chokehold and try to generate offense but it would fail after a spine buster from Jax followed by a leg drop.

Winner: Nia Jax

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Alexa Bliss would shoot on how she is “Bliss Off” after hearing about the NXT women’s match at the last pay per-view. She will face Bayley later on in the night for the NXT Women’s Championship. Also noted Blake and Murphy have been banned from ringside.

The Ascension would make their thunderous return to NXT to the joy of the crowd. It dates back to last week Jason Jordan and Chad Gable would call out the two for a match in order to prove they are the best.
This is awesome chants would rain down, as the two would stand off. The attack would pick up when Jordan got the tag, Jordan would use shoulder tackles to hold Konnor in the corner. Gable would make the tag but find himself in trouble being decimated by the Ascension. Gable would somehow make his way to Jordan for the hot tag. The straps would come down as Jordan took out both of the Ascension. After a little turn around from the Ascension, Jordan and Gable would set up for the running bridge suplex.

Winner: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable


Emma would make her way to the ring by herself, Dana Brooke is still recovering from the beating Asuka gave her. She would take on NXT jobber Mary Kay. Emma would show an ultra aggressive side taking down Kay at a methodical pace. Emma would strap on the Emma-Lock and hold it on even after Kay tapped out.

Winner: Emma 

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Baron Corbin would challenge Apollo Crews at NXT Takeover London.

They would take on some jobbers so we all know how this would go. What I really like about Dash & Dawson is that their wrestling isn’t pretty but it gets the job done. Their wrestling reminds you of old school 80’s tag team wrestling.

Winner: Dash & Dawson 

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Dana Brooke would stop Asuka before her promo and challenge her to a match soon.

And now time for the NXT Women’s Championship match. Alexa Bliss vs Bayley. “Aye we want some Bayley” chants would rain down for the champ. Those chants would fuel her as she stomped Bliss in the corner. The fight would be brought to Bliss as she would dominate the match early on. Alexa would make her way to the outside and that’s where she would start to generate some offense. She would focus on the left hand and arm of Bayley and in which  she would use armbars to isolate Bayley. After the Bliss flip Alexa would climb to the top but Bayley would take her down and take advantage. Alexa would transition into a sunset flip and talk smack in the face of Bayley. But that smack would come in the form of five fingers from Bayley follow by Bayley to Belly.

Winner: Bayley

After the match Eva Marie would make her way to the ring to the strong distaste of the crowd and myself. You could barely hear what Eva had to say the crowd was too loud. She would challenge Bayley next week for the NXT women’s championship. Eva may be beautiful but her wrestling not so much.


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