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Pick Six: Week 11

“Pick Six” is back! “Pick Six” is a new weekly article where I choose six fantasy football questions asked by YOU over on Twitter! Questions for the article can be asked any time from Monday through Tuesday afternoon, just send them to @FantasyFlurry. Of course, you can ask other questions anytime during the week and I will answer them. Please share this article so we can continue to get as many questions as possible, and we can grow our sports community!


1)  Matt from Iowa @red14shadow — 

Q: With Edelman out, is it wise to pick up Amendola?


A: Definitely! With Edelman out, that’s ten targets that are up for grabs. Amendola has played well so far this season, and he’ll also continue to get return yards. It’s also always nice when Tom Brady praises you like he did to Amendola after their game Sunday.


2)  Fantasylover @fantasylover00 — 

Q: Need a WR, should I go with Michael Floyd, Danny Amendola, or Davante Adams?

A: Right now I’d rank them Amendola, Adams, Floyd. If you can afford to pick up both Amendola AND Adams, then I’d do that. The matchups are about to look pretty sweet for Adams.


3) Fantasy Sports @THE_FantasyGoTo — 

Q: Choose 3 for PPR: Allen Robinson, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Eric Decker?

A: The first three: Robinson, Bryant, Jones. All three will be top-ten plays for me this week, Decker will be just outside the top-ten somewhere.


4) Ali @AliHammertime — 

Q: What kind of value does Osweiler have with Manning out?


A: I think Osweiler is actually a sneaky play this week, and could continue to be going forward. He obviously has a great matchup against the Bears this week, but if Manning continues to sit, Osweiler will just become more and more comfortable. To me, he fits Kubiak’s offense much better than Peyton does. He will be capable of running the bootlegs, making the throws, and he might even scramble a little bit. For week 11, I’d say Osweiler is around QB15 with top-twelve potential.


5) Fantasy Founder, FFS @GuyFantasy — 

Q: Is Karlos Williams a flex starter the rest of the season?

A: Definitely! With the way the Bills like to run the ball and pass to their RBs, he will continue to have value every week. He also always has a chance to score, obviously. He’s a solid flex starter, and he always has the chance to see increased value if McCoy goes down again.



6) Snack Time Fantasy @Snack_TimeFS —

Q: Better pickup, Jordan Reed or Crockett Gillmore

A: It’s Jordan Reed by far. Reed will continue to see targets, and he seems to be the pass-catcher that Cousins trusts most.


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions this week, and sorry if yours didn’t get picked! Make sure to send more questions to @FantasyFlurry this week to get answers/advice, and also send them on Monday-Tuesday afternoon for a chance to make it in next week’s “Pick Six”!

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