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Johnny Manziel is the Browns Starting Quarterback

Johnny Football continues to take advantage of his playing time, with the help of LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo of course.

Coach Mike Pettine did say  that Johnny Manziel will be the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback the rest of the season, so we will not be seeing 36 year old Josh McCown behind center barring an injury.


Despite a blowout loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Manziel threw for 372 yards, competing 73 percent of his passes in the 30-9 loss. It put his career starting record at 1-4.

johnny-manziel-josh-mccown-nfl-cleveland-browns-new-york-jets-850x560Pettine pointed out that Manziel had a fumble on the Browns’ first snap of the game when the ball slipped out of his hand as he tried to throw. It didn’t faze Manziel, though, as he scampered out of the pocket and completed a 61-yard pass to Travis Benjamin on the next possession.


Manziel only threw for seven yards less than Ben Roethlisberger.


Josh McCown is a good quarterback but you drafted Johnny Football for a reason.

Manziel needs to finish the year as a starter because he has put forth the games this season to prove it.

Mike-Pettine-BrownsA huge argument with Johnny Manziel when he entered the league was if he could pass inside the pocket. In college, the offense was based on QB boot and a lot of escape the pocket type plays. In the NFL, it’s a whole new ballgame.


ESPN Stats and Information reported that Manziel was 29-for-35 for 282 yards from the pocket on Sunday. He also accompanied those yards with a completion percentage of 83 percent.  This is a huge improvement and Pettine has noticed and addressed it as a huge step forward for Manziel.


Manziel,1-4 as a starter, has shown signs of improvement over his last two starts. He has rushed for over 60 yards and throw for 540 yards and two TDs.  

pettineMcGownThe way I see it, Manziel is playing good football. He is making good reads, playing well inside the pocket, and is not afraid to make plays with his feet.


Here is what Josh McCown had to say about his fellow teammate: “When that day comes, then Johnny will be playing and I won’t; I will support and help him get ready just like I did this week and do everything I can to help him to play the best ball he can to help us win football games,” McCown said.

Left tackle Joe Thomas also had some words to say: “I think that (Manziel) has done enough that he has proven that he can be a winning quarterback in the NFL based on the performance he has had the last couple weeks,”


The supporting cast is in place, his preparation and execution has been solid, now it is time to fix the little things and continue to build on every start.  Manziel is a good player and it’s only a matter of time until he can become elite.  


The Browns are 2-8. Post season is not in the Browns future but Manziel is. This is the perfect opportunity for Manziel to play out the season. There is no reason Josh McCown should start a game from here on out. He is 36 and his NFL career is most likely over after this season. It’s time to give your first round draft pick the reins and let him continue to prove he could be the long term answer for the Cleveland Browns.

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