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Canadians or Canadiens?

Did the founders of the Montreal Canadiens have a reason for spelling it the way they did, or were they just poor spellers? While when referring to a Canadians, or residents of Canada, the proper spelling consists of the letter a. However, thanks to the founders of the hockey team, the hockey way is spelt with an e.


It is spelt this way in hockey due to the fact that Canadian is spelt with an e in French, and the actual name of the team is Le Club de Hockey Canadiens. CH, as seen on their logo stands for Club Hockey. The Canadiens were founded in the year of 1909, and are also sometimes referred to as the Habs.


The word Habs is short for habitants, making reference to both the French settlers and the American-born inhabitants of the French origin, who farmed the land along the shores of Quebec.
Many franchises believed the H in their logo stood for Habitants, therefore giving them the nickname Habs. Many still use this nickname today to describe the Canadian hockey team called the Canadiens.

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