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5 Things We Learned From RAW

No More Tradition

1.) This year Survivor Series will not have a traditional 5 on 5 tag-team match. That leads to the match we are going to have instead; Any two of the Wyatt Family vs. The Undertaker and Kane. Tonight the Undertaker and Kane would make their presence felt as they took down the druids possessed by Bray Wyatt.Image result for brothers of destruction vs wyatt family

Diva Revolution

    2.) Paige and Charlotte ended off Monday Night Raw, yes women ended off the show, we haven’t seen in a long time. We all know how contact signing go, promo then fighting but what made this special is how Paige used Charlotte’s family against her including her real life deceased brother which ticked off Charlotte.

Image result for paige vs charlotte

World Championship Tournament

       3.) Kevin Owens vs. Neville – From NXT to the main roster these two know how to put on a show, Neville would spike Owens on his head with a reverse hurricanrana and try to go for a phoenix splash but Owens would hit the Pop Up Powerbomb for the win.


          Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler- in a unusual match for both these two would slow down the pace with a lot of rest hold and submissions. Good technical wrestling from both but Ambrose would hit the Dirty Deeds for the win.    


         Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio- Keynote to this match Del Rio would actually unmask Kalisto to the shock of the crowd, it seem unintentional as Del Rio would try to help put it back on. Del Rio would hit the double foot stomp from the top rope for the win.


        Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro – We all know how this one ended, again great showing from Cesaro but of course the higher ups in WWE are just in love with Roman Reigns no matter how much work he needs. ONE DAY CESARO WILL BE CHAMP but your winner Roman Reigns with a spear.

The Face of WWE

        4.) With Seth Rollins out and Roman Reigns saying no to the offer, Triple H went looking for a new guy to join him and the authority. He would go to Owens first which would end in a hand shake. Next Cesaro who would downplay the offer. Last would be Del Rio who would think heavily on it.

Survivor Series Final 4

  5.) In the final four it will be Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio and Dean Ambrose vs.  Kevin Owens. One will be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


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