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10 Things I Learned From NFL Week 10



Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens

1. Not Time For Cheeseheads To R-E-L-A-X

The Packers have now dropped three in a row and lost the top position in the NFC North to the Vikings. Surprisingly, it has been the offense that has struggled the most. They better weather the storm quickly, because they play the Vikings this week.


2. Bittersweet Day For Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is now the all-time leader in passing yards, but this historic day will not be a treasured memory by him. He went on to complete only five passes and throw four interceptions before being benched in their loss to the Chiefs. After the game, it was revealed that he has a partially torn plantar fascia (a tendon that connects the heel to the toes). He will be out for the game this week, and the timetable for his return is unknown at this point.


3. Eventful Week For The Ryan Brothers

On Thursday night, Rex Ryan and the Bills defeated his former team and got the revenge he wanted. On Sunday, his brother continued his own reputation when his defense gave up 514 yards and 47 points to Kirk Cousins and the Redskins. Luckily for Saints fans, Rob Ryan has finally gotten the boot.


4. Disappointing Returns

There were three specific kick returns that ended up being a bit disappointing on Sunday. Ameer Abdullah took the return for the Lions and ran it back 104 yards only to be tackled on the one-yard line by Micah Hyde. It was a great hustle play by Hyde, but Abdullah has to score that one. Danny Amendola had a great punt return for the Patriots that got beyond all of the Giants’ players, but he got tripped up by his own teammate and failed to score. Lastly, Damien Williams of the Dolphins returned the ball five yards, then was tackled at his own one-yard line. Maybe you shouldn’t have brought that one out, Damien.


5. Dolphins In The Record Books


The Dolphins are in the record books for something new, but it’s not a very glorious record. They have now given up a safety three weeks in a row, which ties the Seahawks back in 1980. They’ll go for number four this week against the Cowboys.


6. The Patriots Continue To Find A Way

After playing from behind the majority of the game, the Patriots kicked a field goal with one second remaining to defeat the Giants by one point. We can add another tally to the leads the Giants have blown this season.


7. And Two Remain…

The Patriots and Panthers both exited week ten with wins, which makes them the last two undefeated teams in the league. The NFL has never had two 9-0 teams. The Patriots and Panthers both will have tough matchups this week as they face the Bills and Redskins, respectively.


8. The Johnny Football Hype Is Real

People on every social media exclaimed about the amazing play of Johnny Football as he put up nearly 400 total yards. What people are not saying is that the offense only scored nine points, and the touchdown came in garbage time. The Browns have come out and said the he will be the starter going forward. With another lost season for them, they might as well see if he is able to grow and mature in this role, or continue his current play.


9. Jaguars Win On The Road In The Lamest Way Possible

Quarterback Blake Bortles was sacked as time expired, but the Ravens’ Elvis Dumervil was charged with a facemask penalty, so the Jaguars got one more play. They ended up kicking a field goal to win the game 22-20, and they are now only one game out of their division’s lead.


10. Stick a Fork In ‘Em, They’re Done

All with losses this week, the Cowboys, Saints, Seahawks, and Ravens do not have much of a chance to make the playoffs. Of course stranger things have happened, but it looks like these potential playoff teams will be watching the games instead of playing in them.

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