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The Shock that Rocked the World



download (6)I am still in shock as to what happened at UFC 193. Ronda Rousey the most dominant fighter of her generation in front of a new UFC attendance record of 46,000 people in Australia went one on one with Holly Holm. Most people thought this would be a routine Rousey win but in reality Holm put forward a top class performance,and had a game plan to stop the champion. And stop her she did with a vicious kick to the head knocking Rousey out 59 seconds into the second round. A fantastic achievement for Holly beating the undefeated face of UFC. As for Ronda could she make a comeback ? Or has the magic gone along with her invincibility. Which got me thinking I haven’t been this shocked by a result since Wrestlemania 30 over 17 months ago.


For 24 years  the Undertaker had been dominant at WrestleMania with a streak of 21-0 throughout the years many greats stepped up to the plate but the Undertaker always came through and we all thought the Streak would last forever.In front of 75,167 people in New Orleans the Beast incarnate Brock Lesnar would challenge the Deadman. I expected this to be an Undertaker win and to be honest most others did but after a couple of suplex’s by Lesnar the Phenom seemed limp and not really sure what was going on. Two F5’s later the Undertaker still managed to kick out.This was standard for an Undertaker WrestleMania match and when the third F5 took Taker down and the referee hand hit three. For me everything just stopped Since 1991 the Undertaker had been unstoppable at Mania and in 2014 it had all ended.

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UFC can plan ahead, they can make fights, and great PPV events, because they have the biggest stars in the sport. But the problem will always be is that upsets and shocks will always happen. In UFC that’s what one of the exciting things about watching it is but when they have a star like Rousey someone who in a short time has crossed over to the mainstream and everybody know’s who she is there is a chance it could go all wrong. After this loss Rousey becomes just another fighter who thought they were unbeatable. Losing to Holm almost seemed unreal and that’s the difference. Brock Lesnar is a monster in UFC and WWE if one man could beat the streak of Undertaker it was Lesnar. He was legit yet when it happened we were all in shock. Ronda Rousey the Undefeated Champion’s previous 3 fights 62 seconds combined, lost to Holly Holm, again we were in shock. I’m not saying Holm was not a worthy opponent but the way UFC and everybody around her hyped Rousey up we all believed she would win no matter what and in a really weird way if it was WWE she would have. Why do you think wrestling became predetermined all those years ago ?

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