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MLB Gold Glove, the Golden Joke

Every year the Gold Glove awards are handed out, and every year, players sent adulations to each other. For years I was excited about this award. I thought it meant that the player with the best glove won an award. I was WRONG.

RoyalsGoldGlovesThe Gold Glove is nothing but a beauty pageant. No, that’s insultive to beauty pageants. Beauty pageants are transparent to the fact they are a pageant. We should just have the ballplayer parade around and give speeches about World Peace. This is a popularity contest, not a true measure of ability.

How is the Gold Glove chosen?

Well it used to be that MLB managers voted for the players not on their own team. Today, its still that way with an added bonus of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) Now metrics count as 25% of the votes.

This is laughable to me, it’s not like we don’t keep the stats that are the measure of a good fielder we see them every day. The biggest one, is fielding percentage.

Now, sometimes, managers get it right, I take nothing away from Salvador Perez and countless others.

yoenis-cespedesHowever there are some ridiculous, choices, as this year Left field recipient of Yoenis Cespedes, who has not played for the Tigers since July and is not even in the American League anymore. He should Win an award lets say over Alex Gordon, who dove into the stands so much he should have been a season ticket holder.

Or 3rd base. Manny Machado over Adrian Beltre, Are you kidding me? Beltre played with a hurt thumb, he had 2 less errors that Machado, This is the kind of thing that should be rewarded.

Metrics and other stats are taken, Manager’s job is to mange a team not participate in a pageant. We need to change how the award is judged. Use the stats, pick the best one from that. There shouldn’t be a popular vote on ability.



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