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Billy Gunn Fired by WWE for PEDs

billygun1WWE trainer Monty “Kip” Sopp, better known as Billy Gunn, was fired on Friday by WWE after testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone in a powerlifting meet on July 25.

Gunn had a 37-1 testosterone/epitestosterone ratio, well over the 4-1 limit. WWE found out about the suspension a few week’s ago as they did not know that he was powerlifting or about the suspension.RoadDogBillyGunn

Gunn started as a trainer for WWE back in 2012 after being away from WWE for several years while working in TNA. He and longtime tag team partner Road Dogg, returned as active wrestlers for WWE in 2013, which led them to become WWE Tag Team Champions in the year.

Billy Gunn is best known for being one half of the New Age Outlaws where they were six time tag team champions. Technicly, they were WWF Tag Team Champions five times and WWE Tag Team Champions once.

It is believed WWE only tests their contracted talents, not the coaches and staff at the Performance Center. This is probably why there was never a negative WWE Wellness test for Gunn. However, WWE officials were forced to release Gunn because they can’t have one of their trainers testing positive for performance enhancing drugs as it makes their entire developmental program look bad.

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