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Chemistry is only a matter of time for Hoiberg’s crew

Today marks the three week anniversary of the Fred Hoiberg era in Chicago.


Bulls (5-3) will host the Charlotte Hornets (4-4) at the United Center.


Oh yeah don’t say oh it’s just the Hornets, the Bulls got blown out by those same Hornets by 25 points a week ago.


fred-hoiberg-tri-e1446134261682As we look at the start of the season so far, a huge positive comes to mind and that is: Derrick Rose has played all eight games. You can take shots at me for saying it’s only eight games but trust me, some are surprised he has not sat himself because of his double vision problem from orbital surgery.

Fred Hoiberg brings a great offensive mind which the Bulls have lacked in recent years. The Bulls have plenty of shooters like Doug McDermott, Nikola Mirotic, Jimmy Butler to name a few that are already thriving from Hoiberg’s system.

From the first two weeks of the season, we have seen a lot of 5 out which is all players outside the three point line. It’s creates opportunities for players to drive to the hoop and look for a kick out, mainly in the corners or on the wings. That’s where Miroitc and McDermott have been earning their paychecks.

Now how does the 2011 MVP thrive in this? This offense gives him lanes to drive to the hoop and able to dish to shooters which adds to his assists totals. Rose is best when going to the hoop and has been very aggressive here to start the year.

The 5 out will only get better when Kirk Hinrich and Mike Dunleavy are healthy for they are threats behind the three point line.


Tom Thibodeau is a basketball fanatic. A win percentage over .700 is not achieved overnight. Thibs pushed his players to get the best out of them. His defense first mentality led the Bulls to become one of the best defensive teams under his reign. But one reason he was fired by the Bulls was the lack of offense to back it.

And that is why Hoiberg is here: to bring the Bulls up to speed with the offense they have been lacking the last few seasons.


But then what happens to the defense thibs installed?

It’s still here. It’s lurking the practice facility as we speak.


The Bulls are 11th in OPPG and continue to work on defense everyday because they know it’s their weak point. While the offense is 17th, it’s only a matter of getting shots to fall and getting to the free throw line more.

bullsTeamLooking at the players, Jimmy Butler continues to impress the league that he will be an MVP candidate. Derrick Rose is getting his feet back under him as he is averaging  12 ppg and 5 apg. Nikola Mirtoic has turned into a starter and may break the three point record one day. Doug McDermott is settling into his role in the rotation. Defense still needs work but should not have a problem adjusting, only a matter of time.

Pau Gasol is coming off a career year and  is averaging a double double. His midrange game is one of the best in the league. Taj and Noah have been playing ok together but Noah finds himself out with an injury. Brooks and Moore have done their job, somewhat, as they fight for the primary backup behind Rose. Dunleavy has started conditioning but not cleared for anything else. And Bobby Portis had 10 points in 10 minutes vs the Hornets last week.


And poor Cameron Baristow…..if only he could find the court and show the world what he can really do.   


The Bulls are 3-1 at home and look to continue their winning ways tonight vs Kemba Walker and company. After tonight, the Bulls will play their next 4 of 6 on the road, which so far they are 2-2 but are averaging 106 points per contest.  

The Fred Hoiberg era has only begun. The positives will continue toward perfection and the negatives will soon fix themselves. It’s only a matter of time before the Bulls have everyone healthy and  begin yet another conquest to fight for the top spot in the East.

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