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3 Things We Learned From WWE Smackdown

So this week’s SmackDown emanated from Manchester England, so what did we learn?


1.Neville and Del Rio Advance

Neville-2542015-2Smackdown had the last 3 first round matches in the WWE Championship Tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion at Survivor Series. In the first match two of England’s own Neville and Barrett squared off, in quite a tepid affair the Man Gravity Forgot hit his beautiful Red Arrow finish for the pin. This set’s up a Neville and Owens match next and I predict Mr KO will go all the way to the final.On Barrett when is the last time he won on TV? The King of the Ring has an albatross round his neck and needs to go back to Bad News as soon as possible.The second match felt like a Superstars match and Del Rio pinned Stardust with not too much trouble. Come on WWE give Stardust something proper to do.


2.Kalisto Shocks Rybackkalistopic

In the third and final first round match Kalsito defeated Ryback in a choice effort. The Big Guy is not known for his great wrestling ability but he excelled in this match. In what was a David v Goliath situation Ryback hit big power moves and dominated the bulk of the match,but Kalisto who was playing the classic Mysterio Underdog hit his finisher on Ryback from the top rope for the win. A nice surprise from what was excepted and Ryback raised the winner’s hand afterwards to show no hard feelings.


3 Wyatts Challenge the Brothers of Destruction

Bray-Wyatt-620x350Starting and finishing SmackDown the Wyatts began by challenging the Demon and the Deadman in a family vs family match at Survivor Series. Bray said they could pick any two of the Wyatts for a tag match. Speaking of tag team’s the Usos were in the main event against Luke Harper and Erik Rowan.These two teams started strong and exchanged high impact moves,it is nice to have the Usos back but just when it looked like they had control of the Wyatt’s, Bray positioned his troops to surround the Usos then attacked. The four monsters were destroying the two men till a gong went off and the Undertaker’s voice could be heard. At Survivor Series the Wyatt Family would rest in peace.With less then two weeks to go before Survivor Series the WWE have been slow on the uptake on any matches but with this match and the tournament we have our two main events.



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