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NXT 11-11-15

Happy Veterans Day to everyone as another week of NXT Live at Full Sail University would begin. We would start the night off with a perfect 10 as Tye Dillinger made his way to the ring. He would take on the lone wolf Baron Corbin. We date back to last week when Corbin attacked Apollo Crews during his NXT title shot.  Apollo Crews would appear out of nowhere and get his revenge. Corbin would escape while Crews looked on.

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The female John Cena, as I call her, Bayley the NXT women’s champion would make her way to the ring for a 6 person mixed tag match. Her tag-team partners would be The Hype Bros Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley. They would take on the former NXT tag team champion Blake and Murphy also with the person who will likely face Bayley in a future NXT title match, Alexa Bliss. To start the match off it would be first Ryder and Murphy but to the delight of the crowd chanting “Aye We Want Some Bayley” she would get tagged in and tie up with Alexa Bliss. Bayley getting hyped non pun intended and takes early control until Alexa tagged in Blake. Midway in the match Blake would take advantage of Ryder missing him with a missle drop kick. Ryder would be isolated in the far corner away from his team. After a quick reversal Ryder would make the tag to Mojo, he would dominate both of them, but as that happened Alexa Bliss would steal the title of Bayley and take off. Out of shear anger Bayley would hit the Bayley to Belly on Murphy. That would set up the Hype Bros for the Hype Ryder.

Winner: The Hype Bros and Bayley


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The Ascension would accept the challenge laid out by Jordan and Gable last week.


In a squash match Nia Jax would take on Deonna. Deonna would not get one hit on Jax, Nia would set Deonna up for a spine buster followed by a leg drop.

Winner: Nia Jax

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Simon Gotch and Aiden English would put their titles on the line tonight against Dash & Dawson. If we remember back, Dash and Dawson actually defeated the tag champs in the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic. The Vaudevillians have been champs since NXT Brooklyn. Aiden English and Simon Gotch would fair very well early on in the match. While on the outside Dash would distract English which would help Dawson chop block the leg of English. For Dash and Dawson it would be frequent tags and attacking the hurt leg of English. After a miscue on trying to throw the leg of English on the post; English would make the tag, Gotch would use the hot tag to his advantage until he tagged English back in, Dawson would chop block the leg of English and send Gotch to the outside. This would help Dawson use a submission maneuver and make English tap.


Winner : Dash and Dawson (New NXT Champions)

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Samoa Joe would cut a promo saying with Finn Balor’s injured leg he basically carried Balor through the tournament. Finn would come out and interrupt Joe, referees would get in between the two. As Joe left he shoved the ref at Finn and straps on the Kokina Clutch.

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