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WWE Breaking Ground Episode 3

So back again and this week on BG we would learn more about the WWE hopeful’s and NXT’s trip to Texas!

danaBrookeWe started off learning more back story on Dana Brooke she talked about her dad and we saw her take a few more bumps. Next up was the Tough Enough winner Josh who had a $250,000 contract guaranteed but still had to start from the bottom like everyone else. At the Fall Staff Arena (NXT’s home) Josh helped set up the ring and got some sage advice from Apollo Crews. Josh watched on with a hint of envy in his eyes, if he gives it his all he will have a chance.We also learned he had to move to Florida with his family and he was really missing his little girl.

NXT were on their way to Texas for a 3 city tour, Apollo Crews sported a brilliant vintage TMNT top and Baron Corbin looked really happy(!) Speaking of Crews he seemed really humble when talking about taking time to meet the fans. Crews also got the chance to meet up with his sister in Texas when on tour. Crews wants to be the face that runs the place and given a chance he might well do.

We didn’t see much of night one but night two in Austin had over 4000 fans at the Music Hall and Tyler Breeze was in action against Samoa Joe. Loved the referee singing along to Tyler’s theme song but back to the match.With everyone looking on Breeze and Joe tore the house down. Corbin had the main event slot against Balor and Finn won. Corbin went out for a quiet drink afterwards,where he nearly got in a fight, just like the old days! Night three was in San Antonio and after a bit of Cowboy Hat and Boots shopping by Carmella and Big Cass well when in Texas, it was show time. Corbin’s cousin was in attendance and his five-year old nephew was upset his uncle was choked out by Joe.tylerBreeze2

If I wasn’t a Tyler Breeze fan before his back story reinforced this. Growing up a WWE fan and recording Superstars every week in Penticton BC his dream was to become a WWE Superstar. Starting out as Mike Dalton in FCW in 2012 he was nearly released but thanks to the Prince Pretty gimmick he wasn’t. He is a skilled wrestler and a fantastic character Mr Selfie Stick is now on RAW and SD !

Speaking of characters Josh failed to find his inner Yeti in promo class. Regal gave him some advice saying he might have to change himself to which Josh wasn’t really happy, but you have to evolve or you perish. In the second promo class, would Josh learn his lesson? In a word yes. Showing a cocky and brash side he was more confident and impressed Regal at the end of the episode. We would have to wait to next week to find out more.


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