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5 Things We Learned From Monday Night Raw

5 Things we learned from Monday Night Raw


  1. )Monday Night Rollins?

Ever since his debut on the main roster, Seth Rollins has never missed a Monday on Raw.

Sadly this week as broken by the Jonathan Coachman announcement, Seth Rollins injured himself in a live event over the weekend tearing his ACL and MCL. Rollins would also have to vacate his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. With that we go into number two.



2.)The WWE World Heavyweight Champion Tournament ?

With Seth Rollins out we need a new champion. Triple H would make his way to the ring and introduce Roman Reigns the former number one contender for the title at Survivor Series. With Rollins out who is the man, well Triple H would offer that to Reigns,  the chance to cut the line and become the new World Champion as long as he joined the authority. But with a good judge of character Reigns would reject the offer to the distaste of Triple H. With that the tournament would actually begin.

3.) WWE World Heavyweight Tournament


The matches will take place on Smackdown and Raw. I like how they make Smackdown actually important. Winners of the first round

Reigns defeated Big Show

Cesaro defeated Sheamus

Kevin Owens defeated Titus O’Neil

Dean Ambrose defeated Tyler Breeze

Please WWE shake it up don’t just let Reigns get the title, be unexpected.

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4.) P.C.B …. C.B vs. P

With Paige set for her match against Baby Flair Charlotte, as she calls her, at Survivor Series she would take on another former teammate from PCB in Becky Lynch. In a very competitive match Paige would try to pull Lynch tights for the roll up but Lynch would turn the tables and pull the tights of Paige and pick up the win. Paige was not happy as she attacked Lynch, but Charlotte would come to the rescue. This is making for a great match at the pay per view.

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5.) New School Fear vs. New School Fear

Bray “the eater of worlds” Wyatt would claim he has the powers of The Undertaker and Kane. Claiming he is the new face of fear. Wyatt claims he has the souls of the deadman and the demon. But Wyatt must have forgoten you can’t take what already doesn’t have a soul. The Undertaker and his brother Kane The Brothers of Destruction would slowly and menacingly make their way to the ring.

Upon making it the rest of the Wyatt family would appear. Undertaker and Kane would destroy Harper and Rowan with a chokeslam and toss Strowman over the announce table. With the family out the way Undertaker and Kane would double choke-slam Bray Wyatt sending a message that The Dead Has Risen………





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