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The Cueto Cut

Royals are World Champions but have already changed their team. Jonny Gomes, Alex Rios, and Jeremy Guthrie are out. Wade Davis and Alcides Escobar are in.  Personally I was surprised that Alex Gordon went on the Free Agency market and has been made a qualifying offer of 15.8 million which is up from his player option of 13.75 million. Winning the World Series also brings up bonuses and the Royals are going to have to pay some big ones to some of its stars.

Where does that leave Johnny Cueto?

CuetoWavingtoFansCueto was a rent a pitcher for the year, this was known. The Royals are a small market team,  which means there is only so much money in the till and they have made a clear indication that they are going after Gordon. I don’t see the Royals going after Cueto, but if they do go after him, I think it would be a mistake. While, Cueto was good for the young pitching staff of the Royals, Cueto performance during the season was uneven to say the least. A different Cueto showed up at different times. The money that Cueto is going to get on the free agency market is going to be too big for the Royals pocket book, and for what you are buying it’s not going to be a good fit for the Royals.

Who do the Royals go after?

zobrist2-800x510I like Ben Zobrist, I think he’s great for the team and wants to stay in KC. The Royals took a chance on Chris Young, in the beginning of the year, no one wanted him, bet they are regretting that now. I think Young should stay as he was a great part of the team. Being as a starter or a reliever, this man just brought it whenever he was needed.  As Free Agent pitchers go, I like Scott Kazmir and/or Brett Anderson. I think they can bring some good things to the team without breaking the bank.

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