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Jose Reyes Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting his Wife

ReyesOnDeckAccording to the website Deadspin and a television report from KHNL in Hawaii, Colorado Rockies short stop Jose Reyes and his wife were arguing when he allegedly grabbed her by the throat and shoved her into the sliding glass door in their hotel room on Halloween night.

The alleged assault took place at the Four Seasons Hualalai, and Reyes was arrested after security called police, according to the station. Reyes’ wife told police she had injuries to her thigh, neck, and wrist. She was taken to the ER at the Maui Memorial Medical Center.

There aren’t many details available at this time, and we do not want to jump to any conclusions that we can not prove. But, we can tell you that Reyes is currently out on bail.

MLB recently announced a new policy regarding domestic violence which allows commissioner Rob Manfred to issue the discipline “he believes is appropriate in light of the severity of the conduct.” The discipline is not contingent on the player in question being found guilty or pleading guilty. This is the first reported incident since the new policy was announced. The commissioner can place players on administrative leave for a week before assessing discipline, which can then be appealed to an independent arbitrator. Players can also be suspended while charges are pending, though Opening Day isn’t for another five months.troy-tulowitzski-jose-reyes-rockies-blue-jays

The Rockies acquired Reyes in July as part of the Troy Tulowitzki trade with the Blue Jays. The 32-year-old is owed $44 million over the next two seasons, with a $4 million buyout on a $22 million club option for 2018.

If you are thinking that the Rockies can just cut him, and not pay him, there is no provision in the newly signed agreement where the Commissioner can grant a team the ability to cut or designate a player for assignment and not pay him the money left on his guaranteed contract. However, the commissioner can impose an unpaid suspension and there is no minimum or maximum to the length of the suspension in the agreement. So that means that in theory, Manfred could suspend Reyes for the next 324 games, which is the number of games remaining on his current contract.

But, when considering this, keep in mind, that Reyes would appeal that decision and an independent arbitrator would then be brought in and more than likely would reduce that suspension. Consequently, it would set a president and a clear cut message to all MLB players that the Commissioner is not going to be light on MLB players, with this or any other type of incidents off the field, even if the suspension was reduced.

I do not envy Rob Manfred and his current position right now. The NFL has been widely criticized for their handling of similar cases, and Manfred surely feels pressure to be both fair and sturn at the same time.

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