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10 Things We Learned From NFL Week 9



1. Andrew Luck’s Ups-and-Downs

Let’s start with good news since I’m in a good mood. Andrew Luck threw for 252 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions on Sunday! He also ran for another 32 yards. Unfortunately for Luck, there’s another bump in the road for him this season. During the game he suffered a lacerated kidney and a partial abdominal tear (those Broncos hit hard). He is expected to miss 2-6 weeks, and Coach Pagano has said that he will not return until he is 100%. Matt Hasselbeck will take the reins yet again until Luck returns.


2. Denver’s Defense Looked Mortal

After shutting down every team this year, the Broncos gave up 365 yards to the Colts and failed to force a turnover for the first time this season. I don’t think this will become a trend, but it’s an eyebrow raise for sure.


3. Another Injury For Big Ben

After missing four games with an MCL sprain, Roethlisberger had a poor game last week, then he exited Sunday’s game with a foot sprain. He is expected to return in week 12 after their bye-week.


4. Antonio Brown is on Another Level

Antonio Brown was a man among boys on Sunday. He finished the game with 17 catches for 284 yards, no that is not a typo. If you are one of the fantasy owners complaining that he didn’t score a touchdown, just stop it…seriously.


5. Another Season-Ending Knee Injury

NFL: Washington Redskins at New England Patriots

We have lost Charles, Bell, Bush, and now Dion Lewis. Unfortunately he suffered a torn ACL and will miss the rest of this season. How many injuries can this Patriots offense suffer before they take a loss?


6. Titans Score in 1st Quarter for the First Time Since Week One

Title is self-explanatory…just wow. They went on to score 34 points on 483 yards of offense.


7. Tom Brady in the Defensive Stat Sheet  

I’m not sure what was more surprising, the fact that Brady threw an interception, or the fact that he had more tackles this week than Vikings’ FS Harrison Smith. Brady only had the one tackle, but still!


8. Chargers’ Pass-Catcher Woes

Ladarius Green: injured. Keenan Allen: out for the season. Malcom Floyd: exits the game with a shoulder injury and doesn’t return. All of these pass-catcher injuries + the depleted offensive line = only two wins for the Chargers.


9. Blaine Gabbert Gets The Win

Blaine Gabbert was named the starter for the 49ers over Kaepernick, and he pulled out the win against the struggling Falcons! This was Gabbert’s first win as a starter since week three of the 2012 season.


10. Bad Time to be a Cowboy


It is just a baaaad time to be a Cowboy. The Cowboys are currently on a six game losing streak, which is their longest since 1989 (Jerry Jones’ first year in charge). If this wasn’t bad enough, the Greg Hardy drama continues to rise as pictures from the domestic abuse event have come to the public view. I’m not a fan of Jerry Jones, but this has to be one of the toughest situations he has been in, and I almost feel bad for him.

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