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hi-res-451771339-cam-newton-of-the-carolina-panthers-looks-to-pass-the_crop_exactThe Carolina Panthers are now 8-0 behind quarterback Cam Newton. Like him or not, he is in the running for MVP. There are no number 1 receivers on this Carolina team, not even number 2 receivers. They are a bunch of 3s and 4s. These receivers make plays because of the quarterback they have. No, he isn’t the perfect quarterback every team hopes for, but he plays smart football.

On Sunday against Green Bay, Newton finished 15 of 30 for 297 yards, three touchdowns, one interception and a rating of 104.4 adding nine carries for 57 yards and a touchdown on the ground. The Carolina Panthers may be imperfect, but they have a perfect MVP candidate.

Cam Newton“It isn’t a pretty eight,” Newton said after the game, “but it is eight, and that’s gorgeous in itself.” They are now 8-0 for the first time in team history and that says a lot about how Newton has been playing. I definitely think he’s next to Tom Brady in MVP contention. When asked if he hurt his shoulder in the game, Newton said: “I’m alright. I’m 8-0.” Cam and the Carolina Panthers will be fun to watch for the rest of this NFL season.


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